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Snapchat or IPO at the end of the year, the expected market capitalization of $16 billion? – [Technews] new technology science and technology Sohu, according to The Information, social networking platform company Snapchat is to communicate with the investment bank, the fastest possible IPO at the end of 2016, the Snapchat market is expected to be $16 billion. IPO Snapchat is not surprising, the company’s CEO Evan Spiegel has said publicly in May 2015 of the Rocode forum, Snapchat IPO, has begun formulating a plan. Snapchat after the launch of advertising revenue continued to grow, according to market research firm eMarketer report shows that Snapchat 2017 revenue is expected to be close to $1 billion. Snapchat has recruited more than IPO experienced staff to prepare for the IPO program. In early 2015 the board of directors of Snapchat joined an experienced expert — IPO Stan Meresman, on his personal website, Stan Meresman to position itself as a suitable IPO in the process of the pursuit of financial supervisor fast growing company, he participated in the LinkedIn, Zynga, Riverbed, Polycom, IPO. Cypress Stan Meresman chip manufacturers listing the company is CFO. This suggests that Snapchat has been considering raising funds for the open market, even if the company has received a lot of money from venture capitalists. Snapchat did not make a positive response to the rumors, whether IPO depends on a variety of factors, including some uncontrollable factors. In the process of preparing IPO Snapchat need better performance, facing greater operational pressure, it is possible to give up some of the features can not create profit, increase investment in the advertising business. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews science news extended reading:相关的主题文章: