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Business Fueled up by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s dream of reshaping the urban landscape of India by developing 100 smart cities with next generation power technologies, the smart grid market is brightening up opening fresh avenues for investors to invest in smart grid technologies. The smart grid market is all set to touch 50,000 crores in the next 5 years. Industry experts do believe that reliable electric grid being the most critical enabler for all other systems in a smart city, it is expected that all 100 smart cities and 500 smart towns will have smart grids in the years to .e. Fiinovation contemplates that to reap the benefits of smart grid technology in the future, government must start fixing issues and challenges related to implementation of smart grid now. Fiinovation understands that to streamline the operations & implementation of the Smart Grid is a monumental task as the Indian power sector specially transmission and distribution poses serious issues such as power theft, inadequate grid structure, low metering efficiency and lack of awareness etc. Industry experts estimate that a city of 5 to 10 lakhs population on an average would require about Rs 300 to 500 crore for modernizing the electricity grid depending upon the condition of the equipment. If we go by this average, this would bring in investments to the tune of Rs 50,000 crore for building smart grids in 100 smart cities. Fiinovation believes that modernising the electricity grid would involve strengthening the electrical network, moving over head distribution lines to underground cables at strategic locations in the city, smart metering, rooftop solar integration are some of the steps required to switch to smart grid technology. Fiinovation believes that industry participation and government support at the grass root level can make the smart grid technology affordable and accessible in the long run. Fiinovation understands that majority of the cities and towns have very high levels of network losses and other inefficiencies in their electric grids. Grid modernization will result in huge gains in efficiency which will pay back the investment in 3-4 years. Fiinovation urges private players to strengthen efforts of state governments, state utilities, regulatory .missions and reach out to every stakeholder for accelerated development of smart grids in the country. At the same time, efforts can also be made in projecting India as a major investment destination for smart grid technologies. Rohit Kaul Media & .munications Fiinovation About the Author: 相关的主题文章: