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Small weeks ago was taken to the front, the netizen said the eyes so big like Kun Ling ah! Sohu entertainment has been seen since the appearance of small Zhou Zhou, needless to say is the back ah, back and back with the figure. Not only that, at a time when small Kunling took weeks to travel, Xiao Zhou Zhou is wrapped tightly, do not see a little face, assistant directly to the Zhou Zhou Hu in the bosom, also not afraid to hold a small week. However, sometimes little Zhou Zhou still has a full face photos, but also limited to the following two photos of the scale of it, although see the face, but after all, is the time to sleep. Even so many users still see a small week has a very long eyelashes, but the eyes are also very wide, as long as the kind of really, many fans will be able to avoid a variety of brain will be curious ah. However, in recent years, some netizens took a small Zhou Zhou, is said to be like a long Kun Ling, really fake oh? If the mother like Kunling, isn’t that a beauty greasy mixed small lift ah, no wonder all don’t because of long exposure, or too beautiful. Friends at the airport encounter Kunling, wearing a blue windbreaker Kunling, wearing a hat and sunglasses, cool, although sunglasses over your eyes, but you can still see the girl full of breath. Wait for the security when the time is very long, Kunling is tired but it Kunling here waiting for security, but on the other side of the family has been holding the daughter of "small week" boarding at the ready, although Zhou Zhou wrapped very tight, but the sharp eyed netizens to capture hat, bent down not all face exposed Banzhanglian small week, but Zhou Zhou mouth meat toot or put into the mouth and adorable friends, like someone said looks like Jay Chou ah ah. Although the photos hit the mosaic, but users still have to point out that according to the eye part of the mosaic can be seen in Zhou Zhou’s eyes is not small, in this week’s eyes inferred likely with Kunling, brother looked carefully found that part of the mosaic is really big, it seems quite reasonable. Have to say the observation really careful ah, but if so, Xiao Zhou is not a small beauty week, well, the brother took the brain hole!   相关的主题文章: