Small injury catch camp ban! He can play basketball (video)

Small injury catch camp ban! He can participate in basketball activities NBA a team of a movie: general temporary Memphis remnants in the playoffs Tencent sports man incarnation pancake news September 17th Memphis Grizzlies summer operation is very positive, not only the success of the renewal of Mike Conley, also hoped to sign Chandler Parsons, and hired coach David fize DELL. Today, the Grizzlies and then harvest a good news, the star Mark – Gasol has been recovered from the serious injury of his right foot, has been lifted to participate in basketball related activities, will also be scheduled to participate in the new season training camp. In February this year, Mark Gasol suffered a right foot at the two levels of non displaced scaphoid fracture injuries, then underwent surgery for the season, a broken foot inside a large player is a very serious injury, Chinese star Yao Ming had suffered a similar injury in the 2008-09 season, and therefore ahead of the end of occupation career. In addition, we de, Haywood, Oyelowo Candy and Eric and other big stars Monteros encountered footsteps fracture injuries, we de has not played a NBA game, the remaining players are not able to recover from this injury. For Mark Gasol, his second is "Z" Ilgauskas, "Z" has also suffered a broken foot injury, and successfully restored, Yao Ming also had to learn from the "big Z". Currently, the Grizzlies for small Gasol’s future is still full of confidence, although the doctor has allowed little Gasol to participate in training, but the Grizzlies will be very cautious during the training camp, so as not to relapse. Memphis last season, suffered a spate of injuries, including Gasol Conley, etc. the main one after another season in the first round of the playoffs, the Grizzlies regret stop, coach Joerg also left Memphis to coach the king, grizzlies hired David fize DELL as the new coach. In addition, the Grizzlies this summer with 5 years of history of the first $153 million contract renewal Conley, and opened the 4 year $94 million 800 thousand paid for Parsons, the new season will bear the full impact of the championship. Gasol is 31 years old this year, last summer he in 5 years and $110 million contract extension last season for Memphis Grizzlies, he played 52 games, averaging 16.6 points and 7 rebounds data for 1.3 blocks, Gasol because of a foot injury reason missed the summer Olympic Games in rio. Grizzlies will usher in the United States on September 26th media day, the new season camp will start in September 27th. () ()相关的主题文章: