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Small glass drop from the clouds injured pedestrians injured head more than and 20 stitches at 9:15 yesterday, the netizen Baoliao Liu Lin Lu Hongkong Mong Kok district has falling under the glass hit passers-by. Reporters then rushed to the scene and found that although the road has been marked by the incident, still a lot of broken glass, not far from a piece of blood is clearly visible. According to witnesses, Ms. Zong introduced the incident, she just check back from the hospital, also did not go to the cell door, I heard a scream, "a piece of glass smashed into a drop from the clouds, the young man’s head, was bloody, a woman with alarm immediately. Subsequently, 120 medical personnel rushed to the scene, the injured were sent to the people’s hospital." Ms. Zong told reporters on the scene also scared. The reporter learned that Hongkong Mong Kok district is located in Liulin Road No. 38 Hongkong street, only a building as a unit, a total of 27 owners of 184 households, the first floor is a banking hall, left close to five weir pedestrian street more pedestrian. According to the owners of a residential area, before the road has also occurred falling objects wounding incident. The residential property manager Gong Guochun told reporters, did a similar incident occurred, the property has repeatedly to persuade the owners upstairs do not put pots and debris in the balcony, usually will check every window is strong. "We can only exhort, mainly by the owners of consciousness. Today is not the wind, there is no glass was blown down, only some ground glass scraps from downstairs do not see where did fall, now only from door to door survey, there are some owners not at home, we strive to learn that in the shortest time." Yesterday afternoon, the injured Mr. Chen told reporters on the phone, about 9 o’clock yesterday, he and his colleagues after Hongkong Mong Kok area downstairs bank door, was suddenly drop from the clouds by glass. "When I hit the glass, I just looked up, trying to hand stopped, the head and hands are scratched. Peer colleagues is a girl, shorter than me, no injuries." People’s hospital emergency surgeon Xu Qing told reporters that the injured head, arms have 3 scratches, sewing more than and 20 needles, including the forehead of a dozen cm deep wounds, sewing a needle of more than and 10, the current body does not matter. Hubei union one lawyer Zhang Ping said, at present, parabolic aerial, falling objects, not only civil liability can even bear responsibility, can also be held criminally responsible, at the height of parabolic, falling objects wounding after the incident, the same building owners unless they can prove that they are not the infringer, otherwise have to pay for the the consequences. Sweep code big Chu Shiyan, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章: