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Small food enterprises recorded: Fuding meat, not – small enterprises and Sohu flake food book: Fuding meat, did not do small business 9999’By sheet through a lot of places, found many things did not literally means that meaning. For example, the Ningde area of Fuding, Fu’an snacks in " ", meat and meat; the traditional collocation "Yo", that is what outsiders will like? Even if exactly tell you: it is to cut the meat into minced meat and potato powder mixed together. To eat before foreigners in may imagine the Fuzhou yanpi as well. "Flat and is not too thick called the film", I just want to be in the present to see no truth. I didn’t think it was the right thing to do, until a bowl of irregular, short, round, stick like stuff came up to me. In other parts of Fujian, this also sell snacks, but they are often referred to as "broth" or "meat slide". But the most influential as sure as a gun, Ningde snack "meat" is a Jiangzi drops. I have accordingly with Ningde friends joked: only from are filled with "meat" signs, can be roughly inferred the language of Ningde inherited from the sports teacher or doorman. No way, who let Fujian have so many dialects (smile). With the dictionary "" how much a little relationship according to my observation may be this: a mixture of minced meat and meat pulp of sweet potato powder in the pot before is often placed in a sheet (or plate), scraping into flat thickness of about 1 cm (now called tablets it seems reasonable to use the spoon meat pulp), such as scraping fast boiling water boil to boil, cook until the meat pulp surfaced very basic to complete the mobilization of chicken. The meat soup is often hot and sour taste, which can not be used to spicy pepper, authentic practices must be chili water, the better is the kind of pepper yellow pepper, spicy is full. Like the shredded pork noodles, eat meat (actually a bowl of soup), whether full, often also need to dry cargo collocation. Eat a piece of meat in the Ningde area, you can choose to mix noodles or dry powder, but the local people often choose another snack "yo". The most commonly used meat collocation yo, is a kind of sweet potato vermicelli, after cooked slippery slightly chewy. As a not limited outlook chowhound, search and record of all characteristic food, both sinseong hoe has long experience, it is a happy thing.相关的主题文章: