Six years five 865 million bonus billion cast Hengda consecutive legend (video)-驯龙高手dm456

Six years five 865 million bonus billion cast [] Hengda Hengda consecutive legendary battlefield 1-1 Yanbian crowned the 6 consecutive Paulinho broken stiff ball sports Tencent in October 23rd at home court against Yanbian, Hengda 2 round of Super League champions crowned in advance. Although the game against Yanbian, not let Hengda harvest bonus, but this season in the League Hengda total prize money has reached 96 million, plus AFC Champions League game of 17 million and 8 million 400 thousand, the FA Cup and Super Cup, the annual bonus reached 121 million 400 thousand. It is worth mentioning that this is Hengda 6 seasons, fifth single season prize super billion "feat", issued a total of 6 seasons to 865 million bonus, in addition to burn signings, bonuses stimulus is Hengda main reason for the 6 consecutive season won the Super League champions. Hengda six consecutive season won the Super League Champions: 17 million AFC Champions League stop AFC Champions League even Hengda Group phase, but in the season before the bonus policy, which wins a flat 3 million, a 1 million, lose not award penalty, winning a ball 3 million, record before 4 wheel 2 flat 2 negative to 2 million Hengda bonus. At the end of the 2 round, Hengda 2-0 victory over Pohang, 1-0 victory over Sydney, to restore a face, to win the prize winning 2 games won 6 million, 3 goal is for the 9 million goal difference award. In other words, even if Hengda Group out, this season in the AFC Champions League stadium, team also gained 17 million prize, I’m afraid so many super team envy. In the 96 million season of the Chinese Super Evergrande bonus policy for the "202" program, in which each win a prize of 2 million yuan, the draw not award penalty, each lost a deducted 2 million yuan, winning a ball award 1 million. The first 23 rounds, Evergrande scored a record of 15 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses, according to the calculation, the team after deducting the loss of the game, the winning prize reached to 24 million, after the game, the winner of the game in the first round of the game, the team has won 3 games. But in the 15 games to win the game, Hengda scored 31 goal difference, an additional goal award 31 million, before the 23 round of the super bagged 55 million bonus. From the beginning of the twenty-fourth game against Hebei Evergrande Huaxia happiness, adjust the bonus policy, to win the prize for the 5 million goal difference, award to 2 million each, this also means that the 3-0 victory over China, Hengda gains 11 million bonus, 6-1 swept the distant foot, the harvest of 13 million Hengda bonus. Even if the twenty-sixth round of 0-0 boring flat port, but in September the league, Hengda ho get a bonus of 24 million. The twenty-seventh round, Hengda 6-0 swept Yongchang in the battle of prize money has reached 17 million, has become into the Super League Hengda bonus single game in the game to win this season in the Premier League, Evergrande won the prize money has reached 96 million. But unfortunately, Yanbian has not draw bonus, but also in the League Hengda bonus broken billion in the next 2 games to win, as long as a victory (as long as the winning single field can be accounted for 7 million) to complete the feat of ultra billion. FA Cup: 5 million 400 thousand + Super Cup: Hengda cup in the League of the bonus program for the "6006", won the prize to win $600 thousand, draw and lose the prize is not 3 million相关的主题文章: