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Sichuan foreign minister Wang Yi issued an invitation to the world with three words of praise Sichuan (map) cover news reporter Diao Mingkang Liang Bo (micro-blog Lin Jianping) on the afternoon of 28 the Ministry of foreign affairs of the south tower three layer blue hall, surrounded by thick Sichuan flavor. In addition, panda, Sichuan embroidery for having heard it many times, Sichuan tea wine, mix and match the scene wind technology also let Sichuan fans shouted surprise. This is jointly organized by the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Sichuan Provincial People’s government "open Chinese: see Sichuan · see the world" global promotion event, not only on national male god foreign minister Wang Yi talk show promotion, Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming, deputy secretary of Sichuan provincial Party committee, governor Yin Li also strongly to the Global Invitation: the most welcome to Sichuan. Wang Yi: three words like Sichuan and Sichuan people a black suit and red tie, graceful bearing of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, regardless of the plane just tired rushed to the scene. The Ministry of foreign affairs at home court, first of all to thank the foreign minister of the guests, then, "the national male God talk show started. The first foreign minister in three words like Sichuan: pioneers, Buweijianxian, the courage to open up. And when it comes to Sichuan, he is generous praise summed up in three words: pioneer Chinese open China force; opening up a new round of Chinese; to build a comprehensive and open a new pattern of leader. Wang Dongming: Sichuan to cooperate with the world more and more room for the Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming in promotion conference said that Sichuan adhere to the transformation and development of "rely on reform, to the outside by opening", the province’s total economic output has been upgraded to the 3 trillion level, is currently accelerating infrastructure interoperability, from the hinterland to the forefront of the opening up, and the world time is getting closer, cooperation is more and more wide, more and more close economic ties. At present, Sichuan has a strong momentum of development and cooperation with other countries in the world. This year also approved the establishment of the inland Free Trade Zone, is given to speed up the completion of the development of innovation driven, build first inland open economy heights and the most dynamic emerging growth pole important mission, to provide a broad space and stage for Sichuan and deepen cooperation with other countries. Finally, Wang Dongming issued the invitation, in November this year, the sixteenth China West International Expo will be held in Sichuan Chengdu, as of now has identified 73 countries and regions, more than 6 domestic and foreign exhibitors participating guests, sincerely invite everyone who attended the expo. Yin Li: English, Mandarin, Sichuan dialect, said the Sichuan will promote the scene, Sichuan provincial Party committee, governor of the province of in English, Mandarin, Sichuan dialect and other 3 languages introduced in Sichuan. He said, Chuan word is simple, foreign friends will recognize a look, it will be written, but it is rich in meaning, can refer to rivers, plains, roads and journey, etc.. Subsequently, Yin Li on Sichuan’s mineral resources, energy advantages, historical and cultural, industrial systems, etc.. He said, Sichuan is China important power equipment manufacturing and equipment manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing base, has a complete set of power equipment supplier of the world’s largest China Dongfang Electric, the largest oil rig sets export enterprises Honghua group, also has 58 academicians, National Engineering Technology Research Center, 16 national key laboratories 13 a persons engaged in scientific and technological activities, about 300000相关的主题文章: