Shenzhen Huaxi imported Volkswagen strong stationed in Qingshui River City govos

Shenzhen Huaxi imported Volkswagen strong stationed in Qingshui River city of Shenzhen bloomage imported Volkswagen, as Shenzhen’s first authorized imported Volkswagen 4S shop, founded in 2004, Shenzhen Huaxi become Volkswagen dealer network covering the whole of Shenzhen. To support the government to build public facilities (Sports Leisure Park), and a comprehensive upgrade of the exhibition and customer service standards, Shenzhen Huaxi stores (Luohu star Luo Fang interchange automobile park) will be a strong move to Luohu District Qingshui River Shumyip Automobile City in November 2016. Shenzhen City Hua Import Volkswagen Qingshui River shop will first provide the majority of customers with after-sales service, and exhibition hall will be part of the 2017 and the majority of customers to meet friends. Shenzhen Huaxi imported Volkswagen Qingshui River shop, according to Volkswagen (China) Sales Co., the new shop standards, spending huge sums to build a total area of 4935 square meters, customer service station 25, the scale of record store 4S. Companies rely on a strong group background, not only provide vehicle sales, maintenance services, spare parts supply and information feedback services, to provide customers with bank credit, vehicle insurance, new car, car beauty, car decoration, 24 hours of rescue, second-hand cars supporting the whole one-stop service, dedicated to provide customers with first-class products and value-added services to provide car car for many owners of friends and followers of the brand, convenient place for Party dating. "Sincerity to fine, heart for you" is the Shenzhen Huaxi Volkswagen customer service service concept, imported Volkswagen Qingshui River shop in the introduction of high-quality customer service service system in Germany at the same time, combined with the current market demand more continuous development and improvement, only to let each imported Volkswagen owners to enjoy high-quality services beyond expectations. Shenzhen Huaxi imported Volkswagen Qingshui River branch customer service service quality assurance, not only do the supply of original spare parts, more global environmental certification authority from the hardware equipment, service process, green awareness and other aspects of comprehensive testing that has promoted the new height of Shenzhen customer service service quality guarantee. Shenzhen Huaxi imported Volkswagen Qingshui River branch customer service maintenance all specializing in technology, good at heart, not only have sophisticated equipment and advanced management system, more attentively wholeheartedly provide the most accurate and most convenient service for each imported Volkswagen owners, harvest the most satisfied with your smile. Shenzhen Huaxi imported Volkswagen Qingshui River shop in customer service service, with industry-leading 24 hour rescue service, waiting for you for 24 hours, just call the Shenzhen Huaxi 24 hours rescue number 13926555519, can wait for professional answer to problem solving, higher industry standards are set up in convenience, response speed, human nature aspect. Glory 13 years. 2004 Shenzhen city was founded in Southern China in 2005, the first imported Volkswagen repair service center – Shenzhen City, Germany, Germany Volkswagen imported auto repair center was formally established! In 2009 the world’s first Phaeton custom center in Shenzhen huaxi! 2011, 2012, 2014, Shenzhen Huaxi Baoan stores, high-end experience center, Shenzhen Phaeton bloomage manhole store opened, the company continues to expand the scale! Until November 2016, Shenzhen Hua Xin new standard store – Qingshui River shop is about to open, Shenzhen Hua Xi 2相关的主题文章: