Shenzhen Consumer Council asked three note 7 bombings, the Samsung China consumer safety at the expe meyou

Shenzhen Consumer Council asked three Note 7 bombings, the Samsung China consumer safety alone? – Sohu technology according to the report, the Shenzhen Consumer Council in September 20th on the state line version of the Samsung Note 7 mobile phone explosion to Samsung (China) Investment Limited company sent public inquiries, put forward three questions, and hope to give Samsung a positive response in 10. As shown above, the Shenzhen City Council put forward three questions: 1 why in the same security situation, overall recall of the mobile phone in Europe and other markets, and in the Chinese mainland market but did not implement full recall? 2 why in the national quality inspection administration interviewed until the limited recall, and only recall of 1858 mobile phone units? 3 why the implementation of the limited recall in the Chinese market, but also a number of explosions occurred, what is the real cause of the explosion? Around these three issues, Lei Feng below for everyone to review the development process of the entire event. Why China did not fully recall? August 2nd, Samsung held a new conference in New York, officially released Note 7. At that time, due to the excellent industrial design and iris recognition and other new features, by the industry and the general public are generally optimistic about the consumer. But then a series of Note 7 explosions occurred. As of September 1st, along with the experience of the previous version of the machine and after the public offering in August 19th, Samsung received a total of 35 complaints about the Note battery on the global issue of the 7. In view of this, local time on the afternoon of September 1st by Samsung mobile president (Dong-Jin Koh) high Dong personally, publicly acknowledged the existence of the problem of battery quality, announced the sale of 7 of global Note, and recalled the sale of products. But no mention of China Gaodong town area, and in the evening 11 points from the state line version of Note 7 normal sale. At that time, Samsung has shipped about 2 million 500 thousand units in the world Note, and has sold a total of 1 million units. Samsung said, Note 7 battery failure probability of only 24 ppm, and a simple battery replacement can solve this problem. For China, Samsung (Chinese) issued a public statement on the second day, said the state line version with a different battery supplier, therefore not recall category, and that consumers can buy Chinese. For the first question, according to Samsung’s argument, the Chinese battery because there is no problem, it will not be recalled. Why only 1858 recalled? Then, in September 14th, by the national quality inspection administration after the interview, Samsung (Chinese) announced that from now on, the recall China mainland problem 1858 Note 7. At that time, according to the official website of the Canadian Department of health data, Samsung in the United States has received more than 70 reports of overheating from Note7. At the same time, the continuous explosion has caused a strong reaction of the world’s airlines, including the United States, Japan, Europe, the United States相关的主题文章: