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Shaquille Cole delighted Trump won the election and he wanted to play Norman –   sports Sohu; Beijing time on November 17th, Greg Norman and Christine Cole to just win the election of the next president of the United States Donald Trump very much. The 61 year old Norman is very optimistic about the future of Trump’s road, and hope to have the opportunity to play with the new president. He wrote: "Donald’s strong, high profile language conveys the message that he can draw attention to those who have lost their direction and faith, and give them direction. Whether you like him or not, he has a strong, sharp impact on the community. I’ve had a lot of communication with him since he took part in the campaign, and I think he’ll be surprised at what he’s going to do. Obviously, I’m happy to have another golfer in the white house. We all know that Trump is passionate about the sport, like many other presidents before. I’m sure he’ll use golf to ease the pressure. I was lucky enough to have played with a lot of presidents, so I’ve always wanted Trump to win." The 39 year old Cole has won 18 titles, including 2 Grand Slam, she is not only an honorary member of the Trump golf course, also participated in the "Trump" was successful in the official career reality TV show. "I haven’t spoken to him yet, and I haven’t had a chance to congratulate him." Cole said, I still can not believe that he was a successful campaign to become the next president of the United states. I mean, every time I say that, I don’t believe it. It was amazing, but it was a fair election, and everyone voted for it." (peach)相关的主题文章: