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Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center 26 officially run – energy – November 26th, director of the national development and Reform Commission Xu Shaoshi (front left four), President of Xinhua News Agency Cai Mingzhao (right before four), Shanghai city mayor Yang Xiong (left three) and other guests jointly launched the Shanghai petroleum natural gas trading center. Xinhua News Agency reporter Pei Xin photo after more than a year of trial operation, the national trading platform – Shanghai oil and gas trading center 26 officially put into operation. National Development and Reform Commission, the Shanghai municipal government, the national energy board, the three major oil companies and the official Xinhua News Agency attended the official launch of the conference. The national development and Reform Commission Director Xu Shaoshi said that the national development and Reform Commission will continue to support the development of trading center, hope that the three major oil companies and downstream users to actively trade as soon as possible, promote the formation of more representative and more influential transaction price, promote the trading center play a greater role. Shanghai mayor Yang Xiong said, trading center officially running is an important measure to accelerate the country’s energy industry market reform, help to enhance the international influence of the Shanghai energy market, to speed up the "four centers" in Shanghai and the construction of free trade zone, has a very important significance. Trading center in July 2015 put into trial operation, with the gradual expansion of market transactions, is expected to exceed 15 billion cubic meters of natural gas trading volume this year, accounting for the proportion of the national total gas consumption reached about 8%. Chinese Petroleum Corporation chairman Wang Yilin, chairman of China Petrochemical Corp, Wang Yupu Chinese CNOOC chairman Yang Hua attended the conference and delivered a speech, said the major shareholders unit as a trading center, the construction will continue to support and promote the trading center. Xinhua news agency said Cai Mingzhao, Chinese economic information agency is actively involved in the construction trade center in the past, in order to obtain petroleum and natural gas trading information timely, authoritative and comprehensive information services, energy products to provide professional, in order to better promote China’s energy market healthy and orderly development. Trading center was established in March 2015 in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, by PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Xinhua news agency, the China economic information agency and the domestic downstream gas companies, such as the 10 major shareholders. Currently, the trading center has been carried out in natural gas, unconventional natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, oil and other energy products trading, trading patterns, including the listing and auction transactions. In addition, the trading center also plans to choose the launch of medium and long term spot and derivatives trading. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xuean Rebecca ( ); commissioning editor: Du Yanfei, Wang Jing)相关的主题文章: