Shanghai Islands is also hiding at the ocean Kellogg fall will stay here! The beauty of your eye – t running man 20130908

Shanghai Islands is also hiding at the ocean Kellogg fall will stay here! The beauty of your eye – Sohu said tourism island, Islands, Shanghai, people first thought is Sanya, Xiamen, Qingdao…… When it comes to Yang Kellogg, B & B, Shanghai people think of first is Mogan Mountain, Songyang…… Even when flying to Shanghai Jun in the recommendation of a friend is often mistaken for fun in Jiangsu is not Zhejiang. But today, with a taste of autumn breeze makes boats Jun think of a familiar but not mentioned place – Chongming Island. It is a city of Islands on the outskirts of Shanghai, with the Shanghai city only 1.5 hour traffic circle, go to the people is not too much, but to fall to the beauty of the whole island was detonated the eye: Metasequoia dyed red, on the shore of the reed wetland birds flapping in the wind, have returned, and sunrise in Xisha Dongtan the sunset also seems to be more gorgeous than usual. In recent years, a group of young people come (return) is injected a stream to the countryside, the village has become a "Gallery", the old house into a bed and breakfast, farmland into the canteen"…… When the city of dreams and rural environment integration, when the fast rhythm of life and the ordinary life of the collision, you will find that this is not to the pinnacle of the Islands, Hangzhou, Mogan Mountain, Suzhou than perhaps more Shanghai garden fresh. They are the new old country 1 stream in 2009, after the world’s largest combined bridge and tunnel engineering of Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge opened, from Pudong to Chongming Island through the tunnel and bridge the distance from 3 hours to 40 minutes times (in the future there are Metro Line 19, will further shorten between Chongming and downtown distance). So, the people of Shanghai and Hangzhou, in addition to Suzhou, the so-called garden found a more convenient weekend decompression shrine, and later the arrival of the designer is to let the original ordinary place many small and beautiful details. Design: || harvest Island founder design harvest the Peach Garden is a group of young people design the Tongji University research team initiated, they are also the first batch of Chongming Island city farmer, from farming to creative greenhouse to the lecture to the B & B transformation, they put the original native soil Xian Qiao Cun magnificent transformation into ideal distribution center for young artists. Now, here, you can eat healthy delicacy from farms to the table, you can follow veteran artists learn weaving skills, can have the most tranquil pastoral time. B & B from 2010 began to try? Ridge ridge village is the first hostel, Xianqiao converted from idle housing farmers pension. She is in the common house. Don’t look gorgeous nor offbeat, there is a small courtyard in front of the door, a plot of sweet potato, beans, eggplant, pepper…… What you want to eat tonight. Features of the kitchen to retain the old Chinese tradition, the fire of a large earthen stove, exposed in the roof of the chimney, every meal here are showing a strong taste of grandma. The ridge a total of 5 rooms, each room has a good interpretation!相关的主题文章: