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Shanghai Disney Park Tour – Sohu tourism into the land of Disney, let you further understand the theme park! Shanghai Disney Park, China, as the first Disney theme park, grand opening on June 2016, for all ages China showing visitors Liulianwangfan magical experience. You will be able to explore an unprecedented magical world where everyone can dream a dream. This is the Shanghai Disney Park, full of creativity, adventurous spirit and endless wonderful happy world. Here you can visit the world’s largest Disney Castle – Fantasy Fairy Tale Castle, explore and have a unique style six theme park — a memorable Mickey street, garden, dream world, fantasy adventure island, treasure Bay and the world of tomorrow. Street and Garden Street Mickey Mickey whim which will be the first to Mickey and his friends as the theme of the world Disney Park Yingbin Avenue, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto are all partners will be gathered here. This colorful street is divided into four blocks, visitors can enjoy the warm embrace of friends with Disney, a photo. In a variety of shops on the street, "M Street Shopping Gallery" will provide the most abundant gifts and souvenirs in the park. A garden it praises the nature of magic and imagination to bring happiness, its magical garden visitors forget the noisy, or driving a "fantasy carousel" roundabout in joy riding, or "Dumbo" flying in the sky, or watch the park a number of iconic Disney entertainment performances, such as the castle and the stage show "light odd dream: luminous phantom show". Visitors can enjoy the route from the point of view of the longest Disney parade theme – "Mickey fairy train", with the interpretation of Disney motley dancers enjoy the beautiful melody of the story. The dream world is inspired by Disney’s animated films. It will be the largest park in the park, but also the magnificent "fairy tale castle" where. In this fairy tale like Wonderland, "crystal color trek with tourists winding drifting over a familiar story of Disney;" the seven dwarfs mine car shuttle in the shining diamond mine tunnel was in; "Peter Pan sky adventure" sitting across London spaceship in the sky; visitors can also explore with Roo bear Vigny, together with Alice in Wonderland through the maze. It is a wonderful meal in the book "royal banquet hall", enjoy the unique hospitality and Disney friends activities; or in the "Star", enjoy the delicacy of the Terrace Restaurant and enjoy the spectacular views of the Disney theme park in Shanghai; or in the "Barboza barbecue, immersed in the free spirit of the Viking in gobble down Disney in Shanghai. The six theme park in the park, you can taste the western cuisine in various theme restaurant, snacks and rich delicacy tempting desserts, let your magical journey lead a person to endless aftertastes. Adventure Island and treasure bay "Adventure Island" let visitors in the newly discovered ancient tribes, explore the mysterious world, found hidden treasure. The towering mountain thunder will clear direction for the adventure island tour. Tour!相关的主题文章: