Shaanxi weekend much rain and local heavy rain in Xi’an has entered in the fall-ca1871

Shaanxi weekend much rain and local heavy rain in Xi’an has entered the autumn temperature yesterday "wrong", means that Xi’an has entered in September 19th meteorology the sense of autumn, autumn time is later than the average of 10 days. It rains in the weekend, and the local rain is heavy. Yesterday morning, the ancient city of cool temperatures, many old people get up early to go out to buy food to put on the long sleeve. Afternoon, the sun, the temperature rose again to 30.1 degrees. As the saying goes, "two August disorderly dress", it is the lunar calendar in August, on the streets, both wearing jackets, trousers, and wearing short skirts. "Cool in the morning, I wear a coat to the office.". At noon, my colleagues feel hot in the office air-conditioning Chuileng feng." Liu said to work in the eastern suburbs. Xi’an meteorological observatory experts said that 19 days to yesterday, the daily average temperature in Xi’an for 5 consecutive days is less than 22 degrees, which means that Xi’an officially from 19 days, into the sense of Meteorology in autumn, also said that the hot has already left us. Some time ago due to the high temperature, so this year Xi’an officially autumn time, about 10 days later than usual. Two days over the weekend, I save much rain out, remember to bring rain gear, cold morning, pay attention to add clothes. During the day: Northern Shaanxi Guanzhong cloudy cloudy, cloudy with light rain, southern cloudy with small to moderate rain, local heavy rain south; tonight to 25: the province cloudy cloudy, parts of Yulin and parts of Weinan and the Eastern rain; 26: the province cloudy with light to moderate rain, heavy rain in some areas. Among them, Xi’an today cloudy to light rain, 18 ~ 24 degrees; cloudy tomorrow, 18 ~ 26 degrees; the acquired light rain, 19 ~ 24 degrees centigrade. Ji Na, chief reporter of Ma Nan

陕西周末多地有雨局地大雨 西安已进入秋季   昨天的气温“一锤定音”,意味着西安已于9月19日进入气象学意义上的秋季,比往年平均入秋时间偏晚10天。周末我省有雨,局地大雨。   昨天早晨,古城气温微凉,很多早起外出买菜的老人都穿上了长袖。午后,阳光照射,气温又回升到30.1℃。俗话说,“二八月乱穿衣”,目前正是农历八月,街头上既有穿外套、长裤的,又有穿短裙的。“早上凉,我穿着外套到办公室。中午,同事觉得热,在办公室开空调吹冷风。”在东郊上班的刘女士说。   西安市气象台专家说,19日到昨天,西安日平均气温连续5天低于22℃,这意味着西安正式从19日起,进入气象学意义上的秋天,也表示炎热已经告别我们了。   由于前段时间气温高,所以今年西安正式入秋的时间,比往年偏晚10天左右。   周末两天,我省多地有雨,外出记得携带雨具,早晚凉,注意添加衣裳。   今天白天:陕北多云间阴天,关中阴天有小雨,陕南阴天有小到中雨,南部局地有大雨;今晚到25日:全省阴天间多云,榆林部分地区、渭南部分地区、陕南东部有小雨;26日:全省阴天有小到中雨,安康部分地区有大雨。   其中,西安今天阴天转小雨,18℃~24℃;明天阴天,18℃~26℃;后天小雨,19℃~24℃。   马楠首席记者姬娜相关的主题文章: