Seoul tour Zhang Shuai two for second consecutive weeks Italy beauty back into the

Seoul tour Zhang Shuai two for second consecutive weeks Italy beauty back into the semi-finals Zhang Shuai (information) sina sports news Beijing on September 23rd news, the total prize money of $250000 for the WTA international tour of South Korea launched the 14 tournament finals. No. 3 seed, China Jinhua Zhang Shuai continuation of the recent form, two sets to 6-2 6-4 beat the aggressive style of play Italy beauty Georgi, following the Tokyo international game again reached the semi-finals last week. Zhang Shuai’s opponents in the semi-finals will be between the Romania and the strange players in the production of, Niculescu. Return to Asia Zhang Shuai state began to ascend last week at the Tokyo international games reached the semi-finals this week, Lianke zacari and Martek two fierce woman, once again into the quarterfinals. Chinese Jinhua is ferocious offensive firepower of he, in the quarter finals opponent?? is the first time the two clash in the occupation career, who can take the initiative on the offensive end, will win the favor of the goddess. At the beginning of the game, Zhang Shuai solid win the first serve, with 1-0 lead. Georgi performed equally well, out of beautiful winner after Paul made the equaliser. Love Game to hold the third inning of Chinese Jinhua began to force, using a wide angle to mobilize the broken Italy beauty serve, then withstand the opponent’s counterattack, Zhang Shuai established the 4-1 lead. Stand five split test after Paul made difficult. He hold the position, but Zhang Shuai played equally remarkable, winning two key ball is forced to serve in the post split, to seize the initiative 5-2. Demoralized Italy girl errors increased significantly, although missed a Shuaipan at the end of a check, but still hold a second chance to 6-2 xianbatouchou. Fight back Georgi made the first break in the first game, then sent Love Game to lead 2-0. Take the first three Zhang Shuai was back with deep attention, the placement of baseliner forcing turnovers, China girl achieve back breaking. To withstand the pressure of a break point Paul made the number 3 seed in 3-2 lead. Back he play fast ball, even under two again after taking 4-3 zhandexianji. The critical moment Zhang Shuai no mercy, frequently on two rounds of attacking the China Jinhua finally grasp the fourth chance to achieve the break back, then withstand the opponent’s counterattack, with Zhang Shuai 5-4 to the final victory. The enormous pressure he errors in a row, Zhang Shuai seize the opportunity to complete the winning break, to win 6-4, scored second consecutive weeks tournament semi-finals. (Benson)相关的主题文章: