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Hair-Loss Most people explore hair restoration options only when they observe male pattern baldness, moderate thinning, hair loss due to medical treatment and alopecia. Hair restoration is not all about using a wig or hair replacement system. However when carried out by an expert, a hair addition or a custom-designed human hair wig will create a natural looking hairline. This will cover your head in a way that looks very much similar to a natural-looking hair restoration alternative that suits your lifestyle. Using wig as a hair replacement alternative: 1. The first and foremost thing is its coverage and fit. The wig must enhance the shape of your head and create a uniform and unnoticeable look. Over sizing must be considered along with the flow of gravity as the hair falls. Also base from where the hair will be woven must also be taken care of. 2. The materials from which the wig"s base will be made depend on how long the client expects the hair unit to last. These materials on which the hair is woven are unique hence the hair flows and falls once it is cut to the desired style. Certain materials are more durable but the undetectable ones need multiple units. The use of materials also depends on how much the client is willing to invest. 3. Density is another important factor. The hair restoration expert also needs to take care that under the impression of blending hair with client"s hair make, he/she should not overpower their crown with excess hair. 4. Hair color is one such factor that helps to differentiate between natural and artificial hair, hence the surgeon has to be creative. Using lighter and highlighted hair can create an illusion of less hair. Color designs found in any salon can be used for hair additions as well. 5. The most important thing is the everlasting cut-in. You must take time to do a .plete consultation of the hair restoration process and visualize the out.e well in advance. Feel free ask question and clarify all your doubts before proceeding further with the process. These five steps help to have a customized human hair replacement for thinning hair, balding as well as medical-related hair loss. Although this hair restoration technique gives you a natural looking hair, it is not a permanent and long lasting solution. Hair transplant surgery under the guidance of an expert can help you get rid of baldness forever. This type of hair restoration is safe and effective and offers permanent solution for baldness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: