Second hand car platform to raise the public to raise up to 10% regulatory uncertainty or Ponzi sche

The second-hand car platform to raise the public return up to 10% unknown regulatory or Ponzi scheme is Liu Yan Li Yian with the Internet Financial campaigns carried out and published net loan regulations, P2P platform down a big wave, but the second-hand car to raise public investment targets such as platform to take out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. According to the reporter, some second-hand car platform to raise the public to investors promised return of 10%, or even higher, behind the investment risk should not be underestimated. A public platform to raise the public believes that the use of the car to raise public platform regulation is not clear, the platform can touch the money, there may be self financing, false mark, Ponzi scheme, running, etc.. According to the zero one financial statistics, as of the end of October 2016, the automobile industry to raise public financing a total amount of 7 billion 950 million yuan, the proportion of second-hand car market is small, but as of October 31, 2016, 01 Research Institute data center to monitor the car platform to raise the public a total of 127, of which the normal operation of a total of 99, accounting for about 77.9%, Q the platform has gradually emerged. Can not lose investment? "Everyone together to raise money to receive a second-hand car, after all the chips, the car sold out, the difference of all points, 37 points or 46 points, investors accounted for the bulk of the congregation raised successfully; but ultimately did not sell platform will repurchase premium in accordance with the annual revenue of 12%, 1 yuan investment." Rice said to raise the public service. The rice to raise public website, set up a company platform ten Xing financial information service Co., Ltd. Anhui branch of Shanghai, founded in August 19, 2015. According to the reporter, most of the used car platform to raise the public from the beginning of August 2015 before and after the operation of the line, which part of the former P2P turned around. A number of second-hand car to raise public platform model similar to the whole process involves car dealers, platforms, investors, as well as second-hand car selling side. Investors can see some second-hand car information display through the website, the information from the platform to raise the public own assessment division, then the specific subject of financing, financing period is usually 5 days, 5 days to raise the full into the sales process, sales period is usually 60 days -90 days, sold out in this period. To earn the difference (by the platform called "profit") into a way, by the platform and 37 points or 46 points investors profit margins, investors accounted for the bulk; a way and cooperation platform car dealers and investors profit 55. If the period is not sold out, the platform for premium repurchase, investors are still able to get 10%-18% annual income. A number of second-hand car all reporters contacted are said to raise the platform will soon raise the full scale, which means investors can get at least 10% of the insurance proceeds. If the full after second days of second-hand car that is sold, then the annual income of investors can be as high as sixty or seventy. If you can not sell within the time limit can also be sold to second-hand car dealers, but low profit." Rice to raise the public’s response to the reporter asked about the customer service so the resale of second-hand car. These used cars to raise public platform has a significant feature, the office is in the three or four line.相关的主题文章: