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Title Search Software touted teachers think that easy to cause psychological dependence on 27 February, Xinhua news agency, Xining (reporter Pang Shuwei) winter coming to an end, who lives in Qinghai, Xining’s "warm dad" Wang Jianhua found, read the fifth grade primary school is the son of Ding Ding has not yet completed the winter vacation homework does not seem in a hurry. What makes Wang Jianhua feel strange is that when children do their homework, they often take out their cell phones and take photos of them. Asked several times, only Ding Ding told his father that they used to be mobile phone software to search questions, as long as the title of a picture and upload, the answer and the problem solving process will come out soon. Recently, more and more primary and secondary schools have opened, and the rest of the winter vacation is nearing completion. How to catch up with homework has become a problem for middle school students and senior primary school students. Time is tight, the task is heavy, how to do? Many students choose to turn to the problem search software. Reporters use mobile phone search, found more than 10 different search software, functions include input search questions, photo search questions, voice search questions, answer parsing, synchronous exercises, etc., even the composition can be searched. In response, the reporter interviewed more than 20 front-line teachers and parents of students, the most answered is "not worth encouraging, but can not be banned."". "For conscious children, search software can help them sort out ideas.". But in my observation, the majority of primary school students, junior high school students’ consciousness is not so strong, the use of search software, it is easy to cause dependence psychology, is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s ability to think independently." Lu Hui, a senior teacher at the Affiliated Middle School of Qinghai Normal University, said. In the interview, even many parents worry that with the gradual popularization of search software, it is possible to bring a new round of "arms race" effect between teachers and students, and ultimately lead to an increase in students’ schoolwork burden. "The teacher knows a lot of questions, students can search in the search software, often choose to leave homework topics more biased, more difficult.". Now the children have great academic pressure, very difficult to have the time and energy to solve the first problem." Liu Wenhui, a Xining parent, believes that if the above tendencies affect the examination proposition, the problem may be more serious. Some teachers and students’ parents suggest that in the current accelerated development of mobile Internet, it is not realistic to prohibit students from using search software. Instead of restricting its use, it is better to make homework, including holiday homework, more close to life, close to reality, close to interest, and teach students in accordance with their aptitude". "Each child’s interest, expertise are not the same, and its content in the form of formal requirements, as much as possible to pay more attention to the child’s personality. In the primary and junior high school burden of less schoolwork, it is better to arrange some "homework" to help children develop their special skills, so that their children’s specialty and personality can be reasonably developed." Liu Wenhui proposal.

搜题软件受热捧 教师认为易造成依赖心理   新华社西宁2月27日电(记者庞书纬)寒假即将结束,家住青海西宁的“暖爸”王建华却发现,正在读小学五年级的儿子鼎鼎对尚未完成的寒假作业似乎并不着急。更让王建华觉得奇怪的是,孩子做题时经常拿出手机,对着题目拍照。   几经询问,鼎鼎才告诉父亲,自己用的是手机搜题软件,只要对着题目拍张照片并上传,答案和解题过程会很快跳出来。   近期,全国多地中小学相继开学,其余地区寒假也接近尾声,如何赶完作业,成为中学生及高年级小学生必须面对的问题。时间紧、任务重,怎么办?不少学生选择求助于搜题软件。   记者使用手机搜索,发现十多款不同的搜题软件,功能包括输入搜题、拍照搜题、语音搜题、答案解析、同步练习等,就连作文都可以搜索。   对此,记者随机采访了20多名一线教师及学生家长,得到最多的回答是“不值得鼓励,但禁止不了”。   “对自觉性较强的孩子来说,搜题软件可以帮他们梳理做题思路。但就我的观察,大多数小学生、初中生的自觉性并没那么强,使用搜题软件,很容易造成依赖心理,不利于培养孩子独立思考的能力。”青海师范大学附属中学资深教师陆辉说。   采访中甚至有不少家长担心,随着搜题软件逐步“普及”,有可能带来教师与学生间新一轮“军备竞赛”效应,最终导致学生课业负担增加。   “老师知道很多题目学生可以在搜题软件上搜到,往往会选择把作业题目留得更偏、更难。现在孩子们课业压力已经很大,很难再有时间和精力去解偏题、难题。”西宁家长刘文辉认为,如果上述倾向影响到考试命题,问题可能会更加严重。   一些教师及学生家长建议,在移动互联网加速发展的当下,禁止学生使用搜题软件并不现实。与其限制其使用,不如使包括假期作业在内的学生作业更加贴近生活、贴近实际、贴近兴趣,做到“因材施教”。   “每个孩子兴趣、特长都不一样,与其在作业内容、形式上要求整齐划一,不如多关注孩子的个性。在课业负担较轻的小学、初中阶段,不妨多布置些有助于孩子特长发挥的‘个性作业’,让孩子的特长、个性得到合理发展。”刘文辉建议。相关的主题文章: