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.puters-and-Technology The most eye catching notebook series .es from the Samsung. The Samsung series 9 notebook is the latest notebook series with extraordinary features and qualities. Definitely Series 9 is the most striking laptops. The black color notebook with side angle design gives it a unique look from others. For Samsung series 9 notebook, you can say its perfect, you can feel and experience. The notebook .prises of LCD display screen, multi click touchpad and keyboard. Samsung Series 9 notebook runs on Windows 7 Home Premium. The laptop .es with 13.3 inch display and has a resolution of 1366768 with 400 nit screen. The notebook render with superbright plus display with the light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness. This has wide 160 degree viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical angles. Even you can enjoy the HD movies in Samsung 9 Series notebook because of its superbright screen. One can heavily enjoy playing games in it. Above the display, there is 1.3 mega pixel HD webcam that gives clear images of your beloved ones while chatting. Speakers are established on both the right and left side and offer great sound. You can say the quality of sound in Samsung Series 9 notebook is breathtaking. The body of Series 9 notebook is made up of Duralumin which gives sleek design from outside but toughness from inside. Duralumin makes it light in weight and easy to carry. The laptop weighs around 2.88 pounds and 0.64 inches thick. So you can take it with you wherever you go. By using the keyboard, you can feel the smoothness in the keys. Instinctive Navigation can be seen in this Series. Multi click touchpad offer by Samsung Series 9 is user friendly and convenient. The look impresses more of this touchpad. It features a glass coating and image sensor which means no more cursors fading or jumping around on the screen. It is established in the center of the palm rest and supports 21 types of gesture supports like rotate, swipe and pinch and also studded with 3D image sensing. From the processing view, its very powerful. The processor Intel Core i5 offer maximum power while you do editing, playing games, .pressing photos and can perform multi task at the same time. The notebook is equipped with Turbo boost technology. The Turbo boost technology speed up the performance of the lappy. When we work continuously, the 1.4GHz Core i5-2537M processor and 4GB of RAM constantly opened applications quickly without affecting the speed. It offers system memory of 4GB DDR3 and 8 GB max. You can store maximum data in Series 9, since it offers 128 GB SSD. It helps you to consume less power and store plenty. Samsung Series gives best reliability. The Samsung Series 9 notebook .es with Intel HD Graphics 3000. So enjoy graphics with Samsung Series 9 notebook. One of the best features of this notebook is that it has a battery backup of 7 hours. The presence of powerplus charging technology and Lithium polymer battery increase the life span of the battery. The series 9 is awesome and offers best durability, I have ever seen. But beyond all, the system feels great in hand. You can buy Samsung Series 9 notebook from your nearby store or from online sites Letsbuy. It is an online shopping portal offers great discount to its customers. We give you the opportunity to .pare various price ranges of notebooks with different brands. Even we help you to select the suitable laptop for you. Here you will get the laptops from budget price range to higher price range. So .e and shop from here and avail free gifts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: