Samsung Note7 don’t cry! Apple iPhone 7 also exploded

Samsung Note7 don’t cry! Apple iPhone 7 explosion source: global network [global network science and technology reporter Chen Jian] Samsung recently because things head Note7 explosion, take a heavyweight flagship, did not give himself to win applause, but let apple iPhone 7 orders have increased a lot. But now Samsung is not a person in the explosion, the foreign forum broke just released iPhone 7 also exploded. There are users in the post @shawnChrist broke the news, he found in a foreign forum users reflect the iPhone 7 also exploded, and brought the relevant pictures. As can be seen from the picture, this black iPhone 7 has been damaged very seriously, and the screen cracked with the border has been separated, and the frame has a significant scorch marks. It is understood that the news from the Reddit forum, the explosion machine is foreign friends @kroopthesnoop iPhone 7 @kroopthesnoop but did not specify the mobile phone explosion, only the drying out of the picture. In response to questions raised by users, kroopthesnoop said: I’m not sure, but it is definitely the factory or the way in addition to the problem". In addition, he jokingly said: "at least mobile phone packaging". In this regard, Apple has not made any response. However, at present, the mobile phone exploded one after another in addition to bring more mobile phone manufacturers warning, does not rule out many events are concerned about the speculation of users in order to bo.相关的主题文章: