Safety Through Real Estate Smoke

Home-and-Family Nobody wants to go through life with someone’s death on their conscience, especially if it was totally preventable. We protect our friends and other road users by refusing to allow them to drink and drive when we know they are over the limit. We protect our children by teaching them about stranger danger, and how to cross the road safely. There are many ways in which we can help to prevent injury and death to loved ones, and one of these is by installing smoke alarms in our homes. A small item with huge benefits, they are mandatory in every home, whether private or rented premises. Landlords have a responsibility to the people who rent their investment homes. By safeguarding their tenants they are also safeguarding their own investment. Smoke alarms may be small items but they are highly effective in saving lives. The high pitched sound they emit is nearly ear splitting, and it would be next to impossible to sleep through it. They are a lawful requirement in all homes, and one that all landlords should carry out before even thinking of renting out real estate. Failing to do so could result in legal proceedings if someone is hurt or worse still, burnt to death. Compulsory smoke alarms were the result of campaigning by the Fire and Rescue Service because of the alarming number of deaths and injuries they witnessed in their job. Through their tenacity, the lives of many people have been saved. We certainly owe them a vote of thanks. Most victims are asphyxiated by smoke inhalation before the actual fire reaches them. If smoke alarms had been legally required years before they were, many lives would have been saved as it only takes a small amount of smoke to set them off. This gives families valuable time to escape the building. Anyone who has a real estate rental home must ensure smoke alarms are installed and change batteries regularly to ensure they are kept in good working order. However, once this has been done at the start of a lease, the onus is on the tenant to maintain and regularly check that they are working. Of course if the landlord chooses to do this himself, he must give 24 hours notice to the tenants. Death and painful burns will be prevented by installing and regularly checking and changing batteries. It should never have been necessary to enforce smoke alarm laws when it is just plain good sense to have one. Everyone should have been rushing to install them willingly. What a great way to show love for humanity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: