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APM Azure Operational Insights Posted By: Rossy Guide Operational Insights is a software as a service (SaaS) tailored for IT operations teams. This service leverages the power of Azure HDInsight to glean machine data across environments, and turn it into real-time operational intelligence to enable better-informed business decisions. Operational Insights provides powerful search capabilities that enable ad-hoc root cause analysis and automated troubleshooting across multiple data sources. Without instrumenting any code directly or having knowledge of any complex schema, IT admins quickly receive interactive results. Operational Insights search allows customers to drill deeper into areas of interest that are highlighted by pre-packaged Intelligence Packs. Search also enables customers to form their own hypotheses and query data to find custom insights through proactive exploration or reactive troubleshooting. A powerful tool that Operational Insights provides is proactive operational data analysis through the delivery of Intelligence Packs. Intelligence Packs can be selected from an integrated gallery and offer pre-built rules and algorithms that perform the initial analysis for critical scenarios like capacity planning, configuration intelligence, and change tracking. Microsoft provides these Intelligence Packs based on learnings they have gathered from operating cloud-scale datacenters.

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Software Testing Services Cbaf-001 Certified Business Analyst (cba) Foundation Exam Posted By: David J Prado CBAF-001 Certified Business Analyst (CBA) Foundation Exam is a very authentic exam in which the professionals gets to earn the certification of being a business analyst at an entry level position. The professionals need to understand the importance of gaining the right amount of information in regard to the ability which they will need for the processing of knowledge which is applicable. Multiple choices are given in forty number, the individuals need to score a percentage level of seventy percent. The exam duration required is sixty minutes. CBAF-001 Certified Business Analyst (CBA) Foundation Exam is based on the following modules that are given to the candidates as under: The first module is called Introduction to Business Process Analysis in which the applicants learn about Introduction to Business Process Analysis, Why Business Analysis, Roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst, Key concept of business analysis, what domain knowledge is and How to adapt with different domains. The second topic is called Business Process Analysis Planning and Stakeholder Management which consists of Introduction, BPA activities planning, Business communication scheduling, Performance Monitoring of Business Analysts, Estimation, Stakeholder Identification and Management, RASCI Matrix and Stakeholder spreadsheet.

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website monitoring C_pxsup_90, Sap Knowledge On Incident Management Posted By: Adila Masih C_PXSUP_90, SAP Certified Associate – Support Consultant for Incident Management with SAP Business All-in-One Exam will allow you a time of a hundred and eighty minutes for the solution of eighty questions for which the cut score is sixty two. The exam has been given for the professionals that are a part of small to medium organizations. C_PXSUP_90, SAP Certified Associate – Support Consultant for Incident Management with SAP Business All-in-One Exam main topics which you will be learning about for passing this exam are titled as, Message Solving, Using debugging tools for root Understanding architecture in root cause analysis, Basic ABAP programming (using the Workbench), Root cause analysis using Providing solutions to customer/VAR and Using SAP Enterprise Support. The C_PXSUP_90, SAP Certified Associate – Support Consultant for Incident Management with SAP Business All-in-One Exam topics which are given to the individuals are given to the professional as follows: The optics to learn are, Flow of an ABAP Program, Describing the Processing of ABAP Programs, ABAP Workbench Introduction, Introducing the ABAP Development Environment, Organizing ABAP Developments, Developing Programs, Finalizing Development, Basic ABAP Language Elements, Defining Elementary Data Objects, Using Basic ABAP Statements and Working with the ABAP Debugger.

C_PXSUP_90 exam How To Develop A Closed Loop Warranty Management Ecosystem To Boost Revenues? Posted By: wns How to Develop a Closed Loop Warranty Management Ecosystem to Boost Revenues? WNS Extending Your Enterprise WNS Extending Your Enterprise More than a decade ago, an auto major quadrupled its sales because it offered affordable prices and a 10-year, 100,000 miles warranty. Warranty still continues to rule the roost in building brand reliability. However, with customer expectations at an all-time high, and challenges in the business environment multiplying, the conventional warranty management approach fails to address all complexities existent in the warranty ecosystem. In the lifecycle of managing warranties, businesses have to contend with the pressures of increasing service profitability and reducing customer costs. At the same time, they need to differentiate genuine from fraudulent warranty claims, reduce delays in claim settlements, and ensure customer satisfaction. The conventional approach to warranty management is flawed, as it fails to consider warranty as a critical component of an overall corporate strategy and a competitive differentiator. The traditional approach is rather myopic in nature and addresses either the cost element or the quality element, one at a time.

procurement Sap Certification Posted By: kumar SAP certification or SAP technical education is the process of learning or gaining knowledge in implementing the SAP software successfully in a business setting. The main target of a business should be to meet their respective strategic goals and that is exactly what SAP technology provides. They help a business with their Enterprise Resource Planning System to implement their strategic goals. SAP certification inflicts technical sessions, demo lectures and question AND answer sessions. When it comes to educating and training your workforce with SAP education and implementation techniques, right knowledge and skills are of grave importance and in-order to gain so, it is important to choose from industry expert in the relative field. The SAP ERP Software system has created a huge job market in India as well as in an international level that know how to configure and implement SAP systems. SAP has a dedicated department only for training and certification in an orderly fashion and, thus, ensures quality educational services. But in order to get certified one does not need to attend long and expensive courses.

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Lync server Infrastructure Prometric Robust Corrective And Preventive Action (capa) Posted By: Compliance Trainings Description : Vital elements of a robust, "bullet-proof", "closed-loop" Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) program include: "Gatekeeper" capture, investigation, verify/validate, monitor, change control methodology, coupled with accurate root cause analysis. Such a "closed-loop" CAPA system will meet / exceed CGMP requirements and U.S. FDA expectations. Robust CAPA requires a specific sequence of activities, each building on the other, to enhance patient safety and improve product quality. It is also key to many other important cGMP activities — Non-conformance / OOS resolution, Complaint Handling, Adverse Event Reporting and Resolution, other Verification and Validation activities, Audit corrective and preventive actions, et al. Simple tools and work flow are not understood, diseminated, and used, consistently. Product failures, liability issues, scrap / waste / fall off, and needless recalls result, as evidenced in recent notorious events. Avoid a "shoot from the hip" approach. Define, then attack, and resolve root problems / causes, not just symptoms, using repeatable, systematic, SOP-defined methods as part of the "closed-loop" CAPA system. A robust CAPA requires repeatable, systematic Failure Investigation and Root Cause Analysis.

CAPA Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Categories Of It Maintenance Services Posted By: Allied Worldwide IT Maintenance Services are classified based on how the service is provided into preventive, predictive, reactive and reliability centred. Preventive Maintenance AND ndash; As the name suggests, it involves periodically performing maintenance activities. This will ensure that downtime and depreciation is minimal. In such an arrangement, you have the flexibility to decide when you will perform the maintenance activity and at what interval it will need to be repeated, prevention of issues ensures that the life cycle of the infrastructure is longer, you avoid downtime to a large extent resulting in financial savings as well. You will however find that it involves extra efforts on some tasks that could perhaps have been avoided whilst you will still be unable to completely eradicate system failures. Predictive Maintenance AND ndash; This type of maintenance involves monitoring systems so that any issues that could arise are identified early and taking measures to rectify them immediately. In such an arrangement, you can proactively take remedial steps which in turn reduce breakdowns, lowers spend on hardware spares and improves quality and overall safety. You will however have to be willing to invest on diagnostic equipment and training your team on using the same. Reactive Maintenance AND ndash;

IT maintenance Php Pulls Up Socks To Go Mobile Posted By: Ken Miller As a server side scripting language, PHP has gained fast recognition as well as immense popularity in the industry of web design and development today. This programming language is increasingly used all over the world for developing interactive, engaging, and dynamic web pages. The popularity of the language often makes it likely for you to have some kind of preference for it. Over the years, PHP has proved itself as the common choice in terms of development language. It can be easily incorporated within a number of web applications like AJAX or Flash that are known to offer unmatched web visibility. Presently, a number of web development companies offer the service of PHP web application development as a significant part of their portfolio. The aim is to cater to the distinct needs of the businesses that are most commonly directed towards the formulation of responsive and creative web applications. The dominant position that PHP enjoys in the domain of web development is unquestionable. After all, it stands as the greatest support that acts as a vital repository of code facilitating fast development as well as integration of web applications for offshore PHP developers.

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ITIL Seven Tips For Effective Crisis Management Posted By: Mike Mirshams A crisis can happen at any time, in any situation. Even if you think you have all your bases covered, guess again. Crises can come in all shapes, sizes, degrees and from many angles – from natural disasters, technical problems, internal corporate issues and bankruptcies. They can happen at the drop of a dime and be very devastating to those in its path. Crisis management should become an integral part of any company’s long-term strategy. Regardless of the type or size, it is important to effectively plan and manage for crisis in the event of one happening. To minimize the shock and awe, and effectively manage your project, utilize and implement these top 7 tips into your project management planning. 1. Be proactive and aware of looming problem areas. Don’t ignore complaints or issues. Address them head on and help minimize their impact on your projects before it gets to the crisis stage. 2. Plan ahead with crisis contingency plans and strategies. Devise a detailed plan and series of steps to follow when a crisis happens. Ensure these plans are well thought out and documented. Include everyone on your team or within your group.

Crisis Management 74-322 Microsoft Lync Server 2010-advanced Design And Deployment Posted By: James V. Fyffe For certain success in the field of Information technology, certifications are the best choice for them regarding success. Microsoft also offering such certifications in order to enhance the skills of the professionals, in information technology field Microsoft is well known vendor in granting certifications. Certification is the best way of authenticating the technical proficiency. Microsoft Lync Server 2010-Advanced Design and Deployment is very difficult exam to pass in first attempt proper knowledge is required. This Microsoft Lync Server 2010-Advanced Design and Deployment exam is not easy to pass like all other exams of the IT technology it contains technical questions. Proper course material is required for the preparation. The sure success in this exam is only possible with the help of preparatory material which is available on Internet by different vendors. One should also be careful in choosing the preparatory material available on web portals. There are unlimited preparatory materials to take but candidate should choose one that they think can help them in the best preparation. Once you have chosen the preparatory material, the very next step is to go through their study guides which are almost same as actual exam.

74-322 Monitoring The True End-user Experience Posted By: Keynote MWP over Air Keynote provides accurate measurement of mobile content download time. MWP over Air downloads mobile content over the same route as a mobile device. Keynote measures the true mobile end-user experience. MWP over Air connects to the operator proxy to reflect changes to download content inserted there. Keynote shows how downloads perform on specific devices. MWP over Air sends all headers like a real device. Keynote provides global monitoring. MWP over Air is available from 15 global locations with connections to 35 network operators Keynote makes it possible to truly understand the end-user experience and to simulate the true mobile download experience for troubleshooting. MWP over Air uses a real WebKit mobile browser engine and an accurate number of device connections. Mobile diagnostics and root cause analysis MWP over Air and MWP both allow the content provider to quickly identify the root cause of failures experienced by end users. They provide the same kind of detailed diagnostics available for desktop Web troubleshooting, including a screen snapshot of the entire downloaded page, the number of resources, the URL for base page, and the URL and a snapshot of each individual resource.

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