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Business NiceOffers.. (NOC) is owned by Carson Services, the parent .pany of the well known business opportunity, SFI (Strong Future International). The primary aim of NOC is to provide offers for consumers to save money on products and services both online or offline, anywhere around the world. This overview of Nice Offers will explain what NOC is about, how it can benefit consumers, merchants and affiliates, what the costs are and what the pros and cons are. Nice Offers for Customers The NOC website is a place for customers to get discount or special offer coupons for many things which they would normally buy either in their local area or online. The NOC site has a search capability to help find offers in many different categories including .puters, education, flowers and gifts, advertising and marketing, baby products, travel and more. You can search the site by state or by country or just browse through a selection of offers. Once you have found an offer of interest you can tell a friend about it or enter your name and email address to have the coupon emailed to you . Next, visit the vendor and use your coupon, or enter the coupon code online if it is an online offer. Nice Offers for Merchants NiceOffers.. is also a zero risk method of advertising for merchants both online and offline. You can register your business on NiceOffers.. for free and works on a cost per action basis This means you only have to pay when someone actually uses a coupon at your store, restaurant or website. There is no risk of paying for advertising that doesn’t work The cost of this is just the cost of the discount for the customer and a fee known as a bounty which you set yourself. Nice Offers for Affiliates As an affiliate you have lots of ways to earn money with Nice Offers whether you have your own website or not. Here are some examples: * Referring new businesses to Nice Offers If you refer a new merchant to NOC you will earn recurring .missions on every coupon that is used at that merchant for life. * Referring customers to Nice Offers – You can give away coupons to your friends and family, refer people to the NOC website or advertise NOC offers on your own website or blog. Every time someone uses a coupon youll receive a portion of the bounty offered by the merchant. Anyone can sign up as an affiliate of SFI for free and start promoting Nice Offers straight away. SFI also provides advertising packs including professional postcards, letters and leaflets to attract new businesses. The Cost of Nice Offers NiceOffers.. is free to join for affiliates and is free to use for consumers. It is also free for merchants to list their business and they need only pay a fee when a sale is made. Disadvantages of Nice Offers At the moment, although NiceOffers.. is an international opportunity and can be used by affiliates, consumers and merchants worldwide, the majority of the offers on the site at present are US focused. The marketing material supplied by SFI also tends to be US specific, with 1-800 numbers on their offline promotional material. About the Author For more useful tips & hints, please browse for more information at our website:- About the Author: 相关的主题文章: