Refused to come into the room when the fire will encounter whistle door handle 追踪309

In case of fire will refuse to die "interior door handle the whistle:" Guo Youzhi read "death to the" series of films of the students which are in a fire and killed the plot after death and finally remember, the protagonist’s teacher died in the flames, but the following this artifact may also be death Game Over! Bleep rendering Bleep rendering of fire prevention consciousness from time to time, when the unfortunate in the scene, people will rush to open the door, want to escape, but when the door a lot, you want to be careful, often readily to the door. At this point, it is very likely that your hands will be burned hot door handle burns. Or worse, open the door welcoming fire mission, it is really terrible. Bleep side view Bleep side view today recommend a door handle for you Bleep, won the red dot design award 2015. The winning certainly excels. Bleep has a hole in the middle with a whistle like device. If the room is on fire, the lack of oxygen causes the air to move from the room through the door handle to the other room. When you need to escape, it can be very accurate to the whistle without the room to run, save the expensive escape time, reduce the possibility of injury, is not it amazing?相关的主题文章: