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Rao Niki denied the small German ability decline in control of the pace of the game for the battle of life and death of Rao Niki sina sports news Beijing on November 16th news, the 2016 ATP finals continue in the group phase of the contest, a focus of the war Ivan group, Djokovic 7-6 (6) 7-6 (5) defeated Rao Niki lock top the group, and defeated Rao Niki Dze in the local Thursday ushered in the battle of life and death of Tim and the outlet. Djokovic fell into the trough in the completion of the Grand Slam, about his ability to glide speculation can be heard without end when asked about this, but Rao Niki Dze said, Djokovic and you have what different. "He’s almost exactly the same as he used to be, but now he’s going to get one or two points, sometimes at a rate of three, and I think it’s the only difference. You could hardly see him send out two simple mistakes." As a big player, Rao Niki serve firepower in the tournament one of the best, but today he lost two to seven opponents, Canadians have said: "his people than any tour then the success rate is high, may Andy than he. But then Andy link has been increasing over the past few months, while Novak has long maintained a high level of return." Rao Niki had previously played against 7 times with Djokovic, he has never won the opponent, the difference in the fight against the record will have an impact on the game? "I don’t think so. If I was 0-7 behind a world number 80 player, I wouldn’t think too much about it. And Novak is a monopoly of the world’s first position for a long time, until a few days ago, the world’s first guy, I think this role is stronger than other aspects." "Every day is a new day, you have to face many different things, leading the fight record will give you some assurance that if I were a party leader, I must try to get some help, but this is really not as we would like to have such a big role." Rao Niki and Tim, two 90 players will usher in the line of life and death battle in the next round, two winner will qualify for the semi-finals to the identity of the second group. "I’m a little depressed now, but I’m going to let it pass. Two days later, I still have a chance, I hope to be able to do better than today." "Dominic played very well, and it seemed to me that he had some ups and downs in today’s game. He did a good job this year, especially at the beginning of the year, but it’s not in the best shape. Indoor hard ground is my favorite venue, I do not know how to. I hope I can control the pace of the game, so that the game in the direction I hope." (Qi Qing)相关的主题文章: