Quanzhou man tied his wife back to his wife in the middle of the car jumped into a traffic jam 9c8947

Quanzhou: Men’s wife tied back home his wife halfway jumping caused by traffic jam in Quanzhou evening news (reporter Wu Zhiming Luo Jiansheng correspondent Chen Baolin Ventura) to say that today this is really not good when the traffic police directing traffic, accidents happen to need them, they sometimes quarrel, they also had. This is not a couple of Jiangxi, because of the quarrel trouble, husband to his wife to return home in Jiangxi, but his wife jump car, causing people around the crowd caused traffic jams, Anxi police tried to persuade. In November 13th 18, Anxi Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police patrol to tea in the two loop Anxi County Special Education School Road, the road traffic flow, the police fiddling found that because a woman was lying on the ground, next to the crowd in the road traffic. The police immediately stepped forward to divert traffic, then to the woman to understand the situation, then a man came to the police explained: "she is my wife a happy, because the spirit is not normal, to jump out of the car on the way home, so I would have tied her up back home in Jiangxi. When the police asked the woman, but found that the woman’s spirit is normal, because the emotional problems of divorce, the husband wants to tie her back to Jiangxi home, who knows the woman half-way car. Police for up to thirty minutes of preaching, the average of the seriousness of the matter to the people of the two, that they are impulsive, after the encounter will calm things. (Quanzhou Evening News Agency)相关的主题文章: