Qigihar, a pipe network construction site collapse accident occurred rescue two people were k-sunny came home

The Qigihar pipeline construction site collapse accident rescue   two collapse buried 7 people killed 1 people – Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn 28 days around 17:30 in Qigihar Zhonghua Road underground pipe jacking construction site collapse accident occurred near No. 2 receiving pit, 4 workers were buried, 3 fire fighters in the rescue process in two and is buried in landslides. After rescue workers, 3 workers and 3 fire fighters were rescued and sent to hospital. 29 at 5:40, the last one buried workers were found, but no signs of life. Qigihar city fire brigade command center has deployed 4 emergency rescue vehicles, 5 tank fire vehicles, 1 vehicles, 1 sets of AT fast transport vehicle lighting, 1 life detector, 59 officers involved in the rescue. Due to the narrow scene of the accident site, coupled with two collapse risk, large machinery can not participate in the rescue. Rescue officers and soldiers can only use a spade digging for trapped, and the search using a life detector. Rescue process, the scene had two collapses. After a medical examination, fire officers and men are not serious. 1 rescue workers through the night uninterrupted rescue, was rescued on the morning of 29, rushed to the hospital to check the death. 29 days 8 when, in conjunction with the construction units supervision units of the construction unit project issued a stop work order, please expert in the area of complicated formulation of security measures, identified by the relevant departments before construction, and do the work of dealing with the aftermath of the deceased. Currently, the accident is under further investigation.   (reporter Xiao Jinbiao) (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: