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The future offers a 7 seat version of exposure Volkswagen Tiguan L automotive interior – – Sohu Sohu [car] spy fox in the latest issue of the new directory, the Tiguan replacement model to formally declare the name of the Tiguan L, due to the same period in the directory for cash Tiguan continue to declare, so do not rule out the public to continue to adopt new and old models of course, this is the city, compared with the overseas edition Tiguan L lengthened wheelbase, and the seven seat version foreshadowed. The test car is still in a state of camouflage, but in the case of exposure to the new model of the car, the camouflage has lost the effect, from the catalog to provide the pattern can be seen throughout the appearance. The overall style and overseas standard edition Tiguan is basically the same, but because the domestic lengthened wheelbase, leading to between C column and D column side window shape change, in fact, in addition to the longer wheelbase, the trunk also adjusted, which is to make preparations for seven. [L] the Tiguan disguised as the tail can also see TIGUAN L letters, also is the Tiguan L, and provide the data according to the directory, vehicle length and breadth were 47121839 1673mm, the wheelbase is as high as 2791mm, and almost close to the Highlander, compared to cash models to increase 107mm, but this time to declare for the five seat version, and there is no seven seat version of the declaration data. The interior can be seen with the overseas version of the same, but the test dashboard using the double barrel type design, high or full LCD instrument panel that the overseas edition of the official information has yet to be confirmed later. Although the second row shot is not clear, but careful screening can still be seen, and no signs of the third row, and the directory declaration data perfectly, until now all models in the directory are five seat, seven seat no declaration data, of course, its wheelbase placed seven seat more than sufficient. Power, the new car is equipped with 1.4T, 1.8T and 2.0T engine, which 2.0TSI version of the low power version of the 137kW and 162kW high power version two. Drive or matching DSG gearbox, some models will be equipped with 4 wheel drive system MOTION.相关的主题文章: