Prosecutors made the decision not to prosecute Shandong Jiaozhou students volunteer students guitarpro5

Prosecutors made the decision not to prosecute   Shandong Jiaozhou students volunteer students were released, tampering with the Shandong channel, September 30 Ji’nan Xinhua (Song Cui) today evening, the Shandong Provincial People’s Procuratorate official WeChat announced that on the morning of 30, Jiaozhou city procuratorate in accordance with the law of Jiaozhou college entrance examination students tampering case crime suspect surnamed Guo the decision not to prosecute, Guo was subsequently released by public security organs. During this year’s college entrance examination, Jiaozhou city students Guo for stealing the change of students the college entrance examination, the alleged crime of destroying computer information system, in August 3, 2016 by the Jiaozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal detention; approved the arrest in August 12 by the Jiaozhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, the next day by the Jiaozhou Municipal Public Security Bureau arrest. In the process of handling a case, the procuratorial organs take into account the particularity of the case and the related circumstances, hold a public review meeting at the stage of review and prosecution, invite the parties concerned, legal experts, representatives of the education sector, news media and other related personnel, and widely listen to the opinions and suggestions of the parties. Review of the prosecution that the suspect surnamed Guo active after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime, confession, repentance and good attitude; and no criminal record, first offense, occasional; victims have been admitted to the judicial authorities issued a letter of understanding, request for a lighter punishment; the contractor carries on the investigation to the school teacher. The good performance in school, Guo teachers and classmates through counsel submit multiple copies of the written request, request for a lighter punishment. By Guo Moumou has a statutory lighter punishment, the procuratorial organs in the rescue, the purpose of education, according to the relevant provisions of the criminal procedure law and criminal law, according to Guo made the decision not to prosecute, can play the role of social warning, but also fully embodies the concept of criminal law criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency and the protection of human rights.   (commissioning editor: Liu Yingjie, Hu Honglin) 检察机关作出不起诉决定 山东胶州篡改同学志愿学生被释放–山东频道–人民网 人民网济南9月30日电(宋翠)今日晚间,山东省人民检察院官方微信发布消息称,30日上午,胶州市检察院依法对胶州篡改同学高考志愿案犯罪嫌疑人郭某某作出不起诉处理的决定,郭某某随后被公安机关释放。 今年高考期间,胶州市应届考生郭某某因偷改同学高考志愿,涉嫌破坏计算机信息系统犯罪,于2016年8月3日被胶州市公安局刑事拘留;8月12日经胶州市检察院批准逮捕,次日由胶州市公安局执行逮捕。 检察机关在办案过程中,充分考虑本案的特殊性和相关情节,在审查起诉阶段召开公开审查会,邀请当事人、法学专家、教育部门代表、新闻媒体等相关人员,广泛听取各方意见建议。 检察机关审查认为,犯罪嫌疑人郭某某主动到案后,如实供述了犯罪事实,认罪、悔罪态度好;且无违法犯罪前科,系初犯、偶犯;受害者已被录取,对其出具谅解书,请求司法机关对其从轻处罚;承办人到学校进行调查,老师称其在学校表现良好,郭某某的老师、同学等通过辩护人提交多份请求书,请求对其从轻处罚。因郭某某具有法定从轻处罚情节,检察机关本着挽救、教育的目的,根据刑法和刑诉法相关规定,依法对郭某某作出不起诉决定,既起到社会警示作用,也充分体现了宽严相济的刑事政策和人权保障的刑事法理念。  (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: