Production rumors again warming up to support the upward trend of oil prices 魏语诺为什么退赛

Price reduction rumors again warming up, support oil prices upward U.S. stock market center: exclusive provision of the U.S. stock industry sector, disk before, after, ETF, warrants real-time market remittance network February 16th News – Tuesday (February 16th) Asian market early, international oil prices continue to rise. NYMEX crude oil futures traded near $30.67 barrels, or about 4.18%; Brent crude futures traded near $34.40 barrels, or about 1.24%. Market rumors about the OPEC agreement have been heating up again, and oil prices are being supported. However, the strong dollar and the influx of Iran’s crude oil make the market limited. Oil prices edged up Monday. The United States in March WTI crude oil futures rose $0.33, or 1.12%, at $29.77 a barrel. London, April Brent crude futures rose $0.60 Monday, or 1.80%, at $33.97 a barrel. (the U.S. NYMEX crude oil futures contract prices in March on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo (pictured above) ICE Brent crude oil futures contract prices in May on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo) the German commercial banks said that investors value over the production led to the recent remarks oil price volatility. The recent oil price fluctuation volatility, mainly due to investor reaction and emotional impact on speech production; some in Russia, Venezuela and the United Arab Emirates recently began to release long oil production oil prices boost cooperation news and speech, and some traders still believe that OPEC and Russia Ross may be cut, so there is a wind sways grass violent reaction. Have changes in crude oil positions, led to huge fluctuations of oil market. On Monday, OPEC officials said Saudi and Russian oil heads will go to Qatar to attend a conference on production reduction, and Venezuela and Nigeria’s oil ministers will also meet in qatar. OPEC and non OPEC countries are said to discuss oil markets on Tuesday, and the outlook for oil prices will change. On Monday, sources said Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria and Qatar National Oil Tuesday will discuss the oil market meeting in Qatar’s capital Doha, this means that OPEC and non OPEC countries to solve the problem of excess supply or a new progress, improve the status of low oil prices may have reached a turning point. Iran on Monday with Japanese Prime Minister in the long oil Zanganeh consultant Katsuyuki Kawai said at a meeting, on Iran has reason to cooperate in oil refineries, liquefied natural gas, chemical and other fields of investment; Katsuyuki Kawai rate delegation to visit Iran, to re-examine the interests of both sides and the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s visit to pave the way for. Goldman analysts said the stock is so high, that some of the key oil storage "struggling with storage and Logistics Limited" and "close to the oil spill"; among them, the main crude oil delivery point Cushing has swallowed about 64000000 barrels of crude oil, as of November last year the total capacity has occupied 87% record levels, the outlook for oil prices worrying. Standard Chartered expects WTI 7 in 2016

减产传闻再度升温 支撑油价上行 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   汇通网2月16日讯――周二(2月16日)亚市盘初,国际油价继续上涨。NYMEX原油期货交投于30.67美元 桶附近,涨幅约4.18%;布伦特原油期货交投于34.40美元 桶附近,涨幅约1.24%。市场关于石油输出国组织(OPEC)达成减产协议的传闻再度升温,油价获得支撑,不过美元走强以及伊朗原油涌入市场令涨势受限。   周一油价小幅收涨。美国WTI原油3月期货上涨0.33美元,或1.12%,现报29.77美元 桶。伦敦方面,布伦特原油4月期货周一上涨0.60美元,或1.80%,现报33.97美元 桶。 (上图为美国NYMEX原油期货3月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博) (上图为ICE布伦特原油期货5月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   德国商业银行表示,投资者过分看重减产言论导致近期油价大幅波动。近期油价涨涨跌跌大幅波动,主要受投资者对减产言论的反应和情绪影响;俄罗斯、委内瑞拉和阿联酋几国油长近期陆续放出合作减产提振油价的消息和言论,而部分交易员也仍相信欧佩克及俄罗斯存在减产的可能,因而一有风吹草动就反应剧烈,纷纷变动原油仓位,导致油市发生巨大波动。   周一欧佩克官员表示,沙特和俄罗斯油长将前往卡塔尔参加减产讨论会议;委内瑞拉与尼日利亚石油部长也将前往卡塔尔会晤。   欧佩克和非欧佩克国家据称周二讨论油市,油价前景或有转机。周一有消息人士表示沙特、俄罗斯、委内瑞拉、尼日利亚和卡塔尔各国油长周二将在卡塔尔首都多哈会晤讨论油市,此举意味着欧佩克与非欧佩克国家携手解决供应过剩大难题一事或有新进展,低油价现状改善可能会有转机。   周一伊朗油长赞加内在与日本首相顾问Katsuyuki Kawai会晤时称,日伊两国有理由在炼油厂、液化天然气、化工和投资等领域进行合作;Katsuyuki Kawai率代表团访问伊朗,旨在重新审视双方的利益和为日本首相安倍晋三访伊铺路。   高盛分析师表示,美国库存如此之高,以至于某些关键存油点“疲于应对存储和物流限制”并接近“溢油”;其中,主要原油交货点库欣现已吞入6400多万桶原油,截止去年11月其总体容量已被占据87%创纪录水平,这令油价前景堪忧。   渣打银行预期2016年WTI原油均价45美元 桶(修正),2017年72美元 桶;将2016年布伦特原油价格预期从63美元 桶下调至50美元 桶;将2016年第四季度布伦特原油价格预期从63美元 桶下调至51美元 桶;预期美国原油需求将出现连续6季度的同比下滑,市场信心也会显著恶化。   北京时间10:16,美原油报30.70美元 桶,布伦特原油报34.48美元 桶。 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章: