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Business Alcohol, entertainment, loud music, late night parties, howling etc is pleasing to ears but is not so easy to get it everywhere. The official authorities would allow this .motion up till 11 p.m. and then later this dead line if you are caught doing it, you are gone and charged a heavy penalty. The ones who deal with the supply of alcohol in their premises must be aware then after 11 p.m. the local cops are on check; however this is not the end of your business. To continue with the selling of alcohol, hot food and playing of loud music, you need to have a premise licence. If you attain one, you are all away from the hassle and fuss. There are many bars, pubs, discotheques, and restaurants etc that run from 11 p.m. at night to 5 a.m. in the morning, for them it is a .pulsion. If you dont have one, you could always take help of the online portals and get one for yourself. All you have to do is follow few simple steps. The main thing to be aware about the license is that it is a permit which would allow you to play music, supply alcohol, and throw dance party etc late night. If you are one of them who is running such kind of business you need to apply for the application and forward the same filed application to the concerning licensing authority that would further look into the matter. If the application is not concerning alcohol and just concerning other night refreshment and playing loud music then a simple application would be forwarded. And if its concerning alcohol supply then application mentioning personal holder of the license must be attached along. The application is sanctioned only when there is a personal holder of the permit present. Other than this the specification of the premises must be detailed too in the application including the internal and external wall. Perimeters of the entrance and exits must be included in the measurement. Other than alcohol if other activities are also running in the same premises, those must be mentioned too. If some changes have been made in the premise or you are planning to make one, mention those also. Number of rooms, washrooms, kitchen, store room etc all must be mentioned cleared as authority members might .e to cross check anytime. If all the things are stated properly and truthfully no problem would be faced in attaining the license. A notice must be displayed concerning the license. The notice ought to be printed on an A4 size sheet and must be displayed on the roads that link the highway and the premises. This is to give the idea to .mon man that the premise is licensed. It must .prise of the licensing authority so that the visitors have a broader view to it. This very notice must be printed in a local newspaper also and one of the Xerox copy must be presented in front of the official authorities too. If you take help of any professionally sound .pany that deals in premise licence, all the things would get simple and .plete in appropriate time limit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: