Prayer —part 1 Praise And

UnCategorized We have been taught that prayer is begging God to do something for us, and that we have to keep repeating it over and over, because perhaps he is deaf, or he doesnt want to listen, or he doesnt want to do something for us. This is a myth that has been created by religion because they do not understand the inner true nature and also because they do not understand how prayer works. In my studies I have read and been guided by many pastors and preachers including by the internet, magazines and conferences from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen. What Kenneth Copeland has said is that there are many types of prayer. There is a praise and worship type of prayer where you just praise and offer gratitude for all that the divine has done for you. You act as if everything that you want or need is already done, even if it is in the future. I believe what you are also doing is to activate the joy meter and you change the frequency of your body from a lower vibration to a higher vibration where manifestation occurs more easily. Joy, appreciation, gratitude, love, respect are all higher frequency vibrations in your energy field. They also attract higher frequency vibrations as you put it out or stay in this realm. There is an intercession prayer that you pray for someone else which activates protection or healing on her/his behalf. From the Christian studies that I have pursued, it seems that angels or guides cannot act on the earth plane without specific contact from a human. When you pray for someone else you are establishing a connection for that person and you draw the angels in to work, assist, protect or to save that person. Many times in your life you will feel a great impulse to pray for someone or a situation not knowing that she/he is in grave danger. If you stop what you are doing and give over to that impulse as fast and as strong as you can, that person will receive the help that they need at that moment. Let your life be guided in this manner and you will connect with a greater healing ability, and be guided when and where to pray and for whom. Studies show that Prayers do work. We just have to begin to pray correctly. copyright 2006 Yoga Kat About the Author: 相关的主题文章: