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Police hold a 80 year old woman all the way to re submit documents to catch the train – public service channel reported on September 6, 2016, Zhejiang Haining HanNing Railway Station, such a scene: a man holding an old woman running all the way, and there are 2 people to help carrying 2 bags of luggage in the back. According to the survey, in the HanNing Railway Station waiting hall of the security, there is a very old man, and her daughter-in-law and grandson sat, eyes look helpless and anxious, next to the 2 big bags. Then, by Song Jie class SWAT patrol squad saw these 3 people, then stepped forward to ask. After the inquiry, Song Jie learned that the old man named Liu Meiyu, Sichuan people, 80 years old this year, difficulty to walk. More than 10 years ago, Liu Nainai and his children came to Haining Wang Temple, the most recent period, her body is getting worse, want to go home. 5 am, daughter-in-law Liu grandmother came to the railway station, in the security department, the 2 met a problem, Liu Nainai forgot to bring the ID card. There are 20 minutes away from the grid. Song Jie simple grandmother Liu daughter-in-law said the solution, but also to grandma Liu said: "I believe we will send you to the train on time!" So let the Song Jie Liu grandmother’s daughter and grandson boarded the bus stop, then ask the players to carry 2 big bags, he picked up the Liu grandmother, to the square near the railway station running away. After a brief description of the railway police station, the police sent to the police to open a green channel to take pictures of grandma Liu, and in the shortest possible time for grandma Liu handled a temporary identity. This is Liu grandmother’s train station, the station broadcast notification broadcast repeatedly "to stop ticket", this time from the start time of only 6 minutes. Song Jie once again picked up the Liu grandmother running all the way, the other players carrying 2 bags of luggage followed by a road race. The railway station to the station going around full kilometer distance, Song Jie and players at the train is about to start, Liu grandma on the train. Liu grandmother a window to the SWAT team members repeatedly thanked, tearful goodbye. Source: spring tide network相关的主题文章: