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People’s Daily: this "treasure" and each one airs his own views on the right – View – – can be introduced into the market mechanism in subsidies gradually decreasing at the same time, improve product quality and user experience, in terms of power battery, etc. the core components of breakthrough technology bottlenecks, electric car strategy will be related to the success or failure of the prospects for the development of pure electric vehicles before, many industry experts are not optimistic about. The reason is very simple, when in 2009 China will be pure electric vehicles as new energy automobile routes mainstream technology, and put forward the "12th Five-Year" period of new energy vehicles cumulative sales of 500 thousand targets, electric vehicle has just suffered a major setback in the global financial crisis, the annual sales of only tens of thousands of vehicles. From the perspective of the development of battery technology, at least 10 years, whether it is driving performance, the use of convenience or cost, electric vehicles are not able to compete with traditional fuel vehicles. Since there is no good use of traditional fuel vehicles, early industrialization and high cost, even if the money out of the state financial subsidies, it is difficult to persuade consumers to become the first batch of users at the beginning of its market. And there is no clear market prospects, the company is determined to develop new products, power batteries and other key parts suppliers is also difficult to break through the bottleneck of scale. In the use of links, charging stations and other infrastructure construction is also facing the first chicken or egg dilemma. Therefore, the development of electric vehicles look like a beautiful dream. However, when in 2015 the annual production and sales of electric vehicles in China more than 330 thousand, in 12th Five-Year, the cumulative sales of nearly reached the target of 500 thousand, people vaguely see the dream come true that moment. So, the electric car this treasure in the end we bet on it? First of all, the treasure we have to charge. Although China has become the world’s largest auto market for 7 consecutive years, but it does not mean strong. The day before, whether to release a joint stock debate than, again will the cruel reality of industrial hollowing out on the table. In fact, industry policymakers and business executives know, in the traditional automotive sector, although in recent years the independent brand of technical strength, product competitiveness and market share have been greatly improved, but from the bottom to the electrical and electronic, engine, gearbox and other core components, and then to the four core technology equipment, multinational companies still left us a few blocks. According to one industry experts, can keep up with the good has not left behind. In contrast, new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, due to abandon the traditional power assembly, not only reduces the more than 10 thousand parts, but also the reconstruction of chassis design and manufacturing process. In addition, the current electric vehicle technology and alternative core technology still needs a breakthrough, the key parts of barriers has not yet formed, information system is still in development, the brand effect is not to force, the business model is diversified. It can be said that almost all aspects of the industry chain has a lot of room for innovation. This naturally gives us the corner overtaking possible, but also we have to charge treasure". Secondly, China’s institutional advantages, in promoting the industrialization of electric vehicles equally effective. The core problem of electric vehicle promotion is the high cost of the initial commercialization. That is to say, there should be a number of相关的主题文章: