People live a love for S6 Uzi can only succeed kanghan streaking-kisstudou

People live a love for S6 Uzi can successfully kanghan streaking to what? To live in a national streaking? For true love Uzi? Behind all this is a distortion of human nature or moral turpitude, let us carefully study… Was recently S6… RNG, mouthing EDG news overwhelming hit, a restless voice, I hope the fans and the audience can support 2 LPL team, cheer for them, and said that if the team lost Chinese if people live in streaking! So, my brother! As ever in the world arena riding players, all have deep feelings for S series and LPL. His hand is a blind monk, let foreign media know "God Chinese blind", is one of his hands "scyther", created the S race 50 blood Jedi comeback miracle, his crazy Carry, let the South Korean team 0:3 out of regret. In order to make a LPL game in the world is undeniable, this is why the choice of his "streaking" to cause Chinese team cheer, because he knows what at the moment fans cry refueling and means to the players. He believes that when the RNG and EDG to regain confidence, the two LPL team is invincible. Hope that RNG and EDG can stabilize footsteps, beat his opponent, also hope that Uzi can once again kill the Quartet, as Chinese Corps won the S Championship series!相关的主题文章: