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Exercise Here we are on shoulders again. Serious bodybuilder or just wanting to look better in your clothes… You’ve .e to the right place. I have been talking about presses in previous articles and as you can see, this article is about raises and how they work for you. No shoulder pads needed after adding these to your workout routine! Raises work the deltoids and are a great .pliment to presses when you want to build up your shoulders. Raises incorporate the element of isolation, meaning you may want to use a little less weight than you are used to using. Don’t worry, you’ll still get good results. Each of these exercises works a different part of the deltoids: front, side and back. Front Dumbbell Raises: While standing, hold a dumbbell at each side, your palms turned inward to face your body. Lift one dumbbell up in a sweeping motion until it is over your head. Lower this dumbbell to the starting position while lifting the other dumbbell and repeat. Very simple but very effective exercise for the front deltoids. Lateral Raises-Standing with a Dumbbell: Standing, with a dumbbell in each hand, bend forward slightly and hold dumbbells out at arms length. Raise both dumbbells outward to either side then gently turn your wrists (in a pouring motion). Lift slowly to just a little above shoulder level and then slowly lower and repeat. Make sure you use your muscles to do the lifting; not the momentum of the weights. Bent-Over Raises (Lateral): Standing, dumbbells in hand, bend at a 45 degree angle. Your dumbbells should be at arms length and palms facing each other. Keep in this position while lifting the dumbbells out to your sides. Slowly return to beginning position and repeat. Whew! If you haven’t done shoulder work before you will find this a bit of a challenge but I can guarantee you’ll love the results. Catch ya later-I’m off to the gym. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: