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Real-Estate Many home and condo owners have a Padmounted transformer located in their property. The Padmounted transformer sticks out like a sore thumb. These large heavy devices are both necessary obvious and downright ugly. How can the homeowner beautify the situation to improve the aesthetics of the situation and hopefully the property value of their real estate property? You probably have been staring at that large transformer with the warning stickers knowing full well that an electrical transform is both a very necessary and essential item in this day and age as well as a potentially dangerous one. People or even the electrical utility may have told you that the large box was a fact of life and to tamper in any way is unwise, potentially dangerous and perhaps even illegal. What steps can you take in a practical sense to beautify and perhaps even camouflage the transformer so that your property is more ascetic, looks nicer, does not cause you or your neighbor’s physical or electrical harm and perhaps increases your property value while at the same time placating the electric utility and not inconveniencing your neighbors? In beautifying the area electrical safety is tantamount as well as access for electric utility company employees, technicians and repair staff. Of course in an emergency it is essential that these highly trained staff can get into the area quickly and easily to do their jobs and necessary functions. If you choose to plant ornamental shrubs around the pad mounted transformer first of all keep the padlock side of transformer free of any and all plantings. Do not plant trees near the transformer because the roots of the trees or shrubs spread, grow under the concrete pad and actually lift that concrete pad up. Next keep in mind that a Padmounted transformer always has buried power lines in the area. If is best to call the safety line at your local electric utility before doing any work in that area especially when digging even if it is to plant simple plants and shrubs. If you are planning on using trees for a landscaping project, look up and think years ahead, before you start. Will it come to pass that the trees you plant today become tangled in a power line in the future. ? A tree that comes into contact with a power line can become entangled, which creates a hazard for people on the ground. Never line up your trees directly under a power line. Keep all plantings a minimum of two meters back from the power line. And plant taller growing trees, such as willow, ash, maple and evergreen trees at least 30 feet back from the power line. If these trees are closer they will ultimately require a lot of continual maintenance and trimming. You may well consider plaiting low growing shrubs that well attract attention to your yard, add beauty. By following these simple guidelines and steps you will beautify your backyard and view of your property for years to come. A little planning and fore thought can have a great impact on your property both its appearance, appeal to potential future property buyers, and even the resale value and desirability of your home. Remember when in doubt it is always best to contact your electrical utility for specific advice and questions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: