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Osmanthus fragrant dream garden Yangshan – Sohu tourism late autumn season, returning from abroad, won the invitation to visit the Pearl River Delta garden Yangshan county. There is no Wutong autumn leaves yellow, not see the curtain late frost, warm sunshine tepid, the famous literati aura filled with the taste of green home, not by heart "and" spring "chuckle. The north and seems to be returned to the solar term compared to two months ago. The garden located in the Phoenix International Hotel fitted this atmosphere, in the soft time, watching the bougainvillea falling, this beloved and spend a weekend free and osmanthus fragrance! Smile in the afternoon with a wreath on the neck, accompanied by the manager of the cordial smile, walked into the garden of the world, immediately felt the extraordinary hotel. Deliberately create a happy and healthy atmosphere, so here is different from other traditional five star hotel, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, badminton courts, tennis courts, comfortable and complete, today coincides with the weekend, a group of teenagers are basketball game, see their sweat, 185cm times Ren Jun immediately get out of the war impulse! The Ministry of sports a new hot spot in Yangshan County "four-wheel drive city, cross-country is" good, from Yangshan County has successfully held the "Southern China 4×4 challenge", "Hong Kong – technology challenge" and "4×4 festival". After the "Chinese 4×4 Festival", "COC finals · China Yangshan jungle cross-country also held here, greatly enhance the visibility of the Yangshan, attracted a large number of tourists come to watch, which has become the new focus of sports tourism in Guangdong. Go Kart Race sprint today coincides with the national Carnival activities of motor sports, Guangdong King kart League Cup rapidly being held, this is the one who can participate in the game, this time a large group of young men and women are in a row queue, waiting to enter the stadium, separated by 20m, even got their excitement…… The ability to build a city is the specialty of the National Park Group, to create a modern, comfortable living environment, is always the pursuit of the goal. School No. 1 housing sunshine Zhuwo human and the natural environment and the Yangshan, the garden is the construction of a number of institutions "residential areas, advocate" the more space for nature and sunshine ", not only design the open panoramic view of sunshine room, also equipped with supermarket, bank, the 8 thousand party fitness Plaza, real estate has a half, the sales department is located at the first floor, after enjoying a few model room, immediately want to get married! The beauty of Yangshan Yangshan County is rich in tourism resources, first from 1200, the Tang Dynasty cultural giant "Han Yu" was demoted here, he served as a county magistrate in Yangshan this paragraph, how many here to shed a journey is the wind. Beishan temple, Tang and song Han Yu Han Yu calligraphy is located in the foothills of the Xianling Yanlan luxuriant trees, very vague, on the west, Zhu fo an hammerhead mountain, down stream, Los Angeles Fengqing tower. The number of Buddha Temple, the exquisite surprise 1相关的主题文章: