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Oprah: Yingwang and CBA optimistic about Sichuan men’s basketball team this year to play sports news November 8th defending Tencent CBA defending champion Sichuan team of the new foreign aid candidates have been identified, who is the former rocket Jiujiang Josh – Smith, this would be a big player on the CBA NBA. For his joining, it is very suitable for Oprah Huo Nan Sichuan team, and that the Sichuan defending very helpful. The Sichuan men’s basketball team was forced to look for replacements for Harris because he was injured at least two months. After the spread of the team three goals are Charles, Diogo and Josh – Smith, Charles because of the characteristics of difficult to meet the needs of the present, Sichuan took the lead out, then Diogo also missed the final because of change, Sichuan – Smith Josh lock. For the former NBA slam dunk king to play CBA, there is mixed, Smith’s defense and rebounding is very good, but his temper and outside shooting, poor free throw shooting seemed and CBA on foreign aid is not consistent, after all past many similar foreign aid in the CBA are not too good, Kenyon – Martin is the most obvious example. However, in Huo Nan’s view, Smith is very suitable for Sichuan team. "Huo Nan commented on Smith joining Sichuan" "to tell the truth, I am optimistic about Josh Smith coming to Sichuan.". Young as he cast small handsome, dubious’s style is very suitable for Sichuan. Hadadi and Liu Wei will feed him. Three points is not as stable as Harris, but his defensive and rebounding ability will raise Sichuan to a level, 30 years old is not too old. Sichuan has its own title, unless… The Boozer effect is contagious." Smith’s career has worked for hawks, pistons, rockets and Clippers, averaging 14.6 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 3.1 assists. He is now ready to leave for China and is expected to arrive in Chengdu this weekend.

名嘴看好鹰王战CBA:四川男篮今年卫冕有戏腾讯体育11月8日讯 CBA卫冕冠军四川队的新外援人选已经确定,此人就是前火箭旧将约什-史密斯,这将是又一位NBA大牌球员登陆CBA。对于他的加盟,名嘴霍楠认为其非常适合四川队,并且认为这对四川的卫冕很有帮助。由于哈里斯意外受伤,将至少缺阵两个月之久,四川男篮不得不紧急寻找他的替代人选。此前传出球队三大目标是查尔斯、迪奥古与约什-史密斯,查尔斯因其特点难以满足四川目前的需要,率先出局,随后迪奥古因为变卦也无缘,最终四川锁定约什-史密斯。对于这位前NBA扣篮王来CBA打球,目前褒贬不一,史密斯的防守和篮板非常出色,但他的脾气与外线投射能力、糟糕的罚球命中率似乎与CBA对外援的要求又不太吻合,毕竟过去很多类似的外援在CBA都不太好用,肯扬-马丁就是最明显的例子。不过在霍楠看来,史密斯很适合四川队。霍楠点评史密斯加盟四川“说实话我挺看好约什-史密斯来四川的。年轻时被誉为中投小靓仔的他,不三不四的打法很适合四川。哈达迪和刘炜会给他喂到饱。三分不如哈里斯稳定,但是他的防守和篮板能力会让四川提升一个等级,30岁也不算老。四川卫冕有戏,除非。。。布泽尔效应会传染。”史密斯的职业生涯曾效力老鹰、活塞、火箭和快船等球队,场均可以贡献14.6分、7.5个篮板、3.1次助攻。目前他已准备动身前往中国,预计本周末抵达成都。相关的主题文章: