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Opening: two cities opening stock index rose 0.5%, the impact of 2900 Sohu securities     Sohu Securities News Thursday morning the two cities opened, stock index opened up 0.5% at 2881.78 points. Shen Chengzhi opened up 0.68% at 10231.3 points. Gem opened 0.70%, to 2230.80 points.       on the disk, oil and gas, light industry, medicine, brokerage and other sectors gainers.     news on January, CPI announced today that the increase or return to 2 times; real estate inventory: War has become a political task; the State Council to support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; development and Reform Commission to ensure in the construction of major water conservancy investment scale; large oil companies overwhelmed collective downsizing; Google developed the new virtual reality helmet; military industry facing assets injection and reorganization; the Dow NASDAQ index rose 1.59% rose 2.21%, New York oil prices rose 5.6%.     Alltronics Investment: market has three consecutive days of upside, long weakness have been revealed, the previous low of 2860 points also constitute a strong pressure. But in view of intraday sell-off is not obvious, so the short-term or continue to try to rally, intraday volatility is inevitable. For investors, the recent rebound in participation in the market at the same time, still need to guard against the risk of market stepping back. Jufeng investment adviser Guo Yiming believes that before the central bank continue to release liquidity, the festival is expected to continue, under the policy to promote the index homeopathic rebound, and lead the market operation to restore confidence and popularity rise. On the whole, the rebound has been opened, but now it is only defined as oversold bounce, the rebound trend, still need time. After all, up heavy pressure, in the environment of weaker stock still repeated. Of course, during the stock oversold bounce, stocks will be active, short-term trading opportunities is large, investors can actively grasp. Galaxy Securities chief strategist Sun Jianbo pointed out that the current liquidity loose and tense coexistence. In the stock market, it will be based on the basic monetary easing impulse rise and resistance decline based on the decline of circulation speed alternating. The basic monetary easing let the market continue to produce upward resistance, but because of the lack of confidence in private, but the performance can not deliver high valuation of the high valuation of the company, as well as serious excess capacity in the traditional industries, after the rise will continue to adjust. Haitong Securities chief researcher Xun Yugen said that at present, the European Central Bank will increase the probability of improvement, long-term decline in American interest rate easing, continuous probability, the RMB exchange rate rose, domestic monetary policy easing at the open space, before the real estate deal shows steady growth is still important, domestic and international situation in March will be more clear. Relative income holders maintain high positions, absolute income can wait for more clear signals, focus on deterministic growth, such as new consumption, information technology, high-end equipment, etc.. Performance perspective, with the annual report and a quarterly approaching gradually, high transfer will become an important basis for stock selection. And according to the historical law, it is also the time window of the layout of high transfer to equity. 开盘:两市高开 沪指涨0.5%冲击2900点-搜狐证券    搜狐证券讯 周四早盘两市高开,沪指开盘涨0.5%,报2881.78点。深成指开盘涨0.68%,报10231.3点。创业板开盘涨0.70%,报2230.80点。     盘面上,油气、轻工、医药、券商等板块涨幅居前。     消息面上,1月CPI今日公布,涨幅或重返2时代;房地产去库存战打响:已成政治任务;国务院支持科技成果转化;发改委确保在建重大水利投资规模;大型油企不堪重负集体裁员;谷歌开发新款虚拟现实头盔;军工行业面临资产注入和重组整合;美股道指涨1.59%纳指涨2.21%,纽约油价大涨5.6%。     华讯投资:大盘已连续三日上攻,多头疲态有所显露,前期低点2860点也构成较强压力。但鉴于盘中抛压并不明显,因此短期或继续尝试上攻,盘中震荡亦不可避免。对于投资者而言,近期在参与反弹行情的同时仍需提防市场回踩的风险。   巨丰投顾郭一鸣认为,节前央行不断释放流动性,节后有望继续,在政策推动下,指数顺势反弹,并引发市场操作信心恢复以及人气的回升。总体上,反弹已经开启,但目前也只能定义为超跌反弹,至于趋势性反弹,仍需时日。毕竟上行压力重重,在大环境趋弱,股指仍存反复。当然,股指超跌反弹期间,个股将重新活跃,短期交易性机会较大时,投资者可积极把握。   银河证券首席策略研究员孙建波指出,当前流动性的宽松与紧张并存。表现在股市上,将是基于基础货币宽松的脉冲性上涨和基于流通速度下滑的抵抗式下跌交替出现。基础货币的宽松让市场不断产生向上的抵抗,但由于民间信心不足,估值偏高但业绩不能兑现的高估值公司,以及产能严重过剩的传统行业公司,在上涨之后仍会继续调整。   海通证券首席策略研究员荀玉根表示,目前好转概率加大,欧洲央行将长期性宽松,美国连续加息概率下降,人民币汇率大涨,国内货币政策宽松空间望打开,节前地产新政显示稳增长仍重要,国内外形势3月中将更明确。相对收益者保持高仓位,绝对收益者可等更明确信号,聚焦确定性成长,如新型消费、信息技术、高端装备等。业绩角度,随着年报和一季报逐步临近,高送转将成为选股重要依据。而且根据历史规律,目前也正是布局高送转股的时间窗口期。相关的主题文章: