One eyebrow out! Female stars are replaced by the falling eyebrow! (video) 爱多vcd

One eyebrow Out! Female stars are replaced by the falling eyebrow"! In recent years, the Korean word eyebrow to coarse and flat characteristics to the youthful, innocent and lovely, delicate girl, has swept the world, no matter from the ordinary girl to the net to the red star, or from the oval face, round face to face, it has become the subject of supporting the beauty of the MM meal. Although the word eyebrow is very fire, but also inevitably slightly stiff feeling! But now, there is a new improvement on the word eyebrow, that is, with a small tail, turned into a "drop tail eyebrow", simply beautiful stay! Synophrys OUT the new hot autumn is? Liu Shishi left tail light soft eyebrow because "the sun descended from the" explosion of red Jin Zhiyuan, showing the "perfect drop tail eyebrow + smile eye" collocation! What is the tail end of the eyebrow? Drop tail eyebrow, is actually synophrys plus a small tail, it is combined with synophrys and natural bending body, it continues straight drawing synophrys in the brow position, from 23 at the beginning to go up slightly curved eyebrows, then eyebrow is a natural extension of the formation and the end of eye trend consistent natural radian. 2016, a lot of female stars have changed the falling eyebrow! Lim Yoona, Angelababy,, their falling eyebrows are more beautiful and more playful than straight, straight, straight eyebrows! Make eyebrows seem simple, but actually contains a very deep foundation. A pair of small eyebrows not casually do, one should have a good taste, two have a mastery of technique, so the senior division is really very rare beauty. Can best embody the aesthetic level of senior teacher tattoo is done in the eyebrows can be quickly customized according to different faces different collocation perfect eyebrows! The word eyebrow improved, plus a small tail, many stars have changed. How is Gianna Jun Liu Shishi Yang Mi Zhao Liying Gao Yuanyuan coulee nuozha? Coupled with the "small tail," the word eyebrow, is not the United States out of a new height? But the girls face and face lift artifact! What is the perfect eyebrow standard? In the above picture, the "small tail" eyebrow is the perfect eyebrow in a necessary standard, so the word eyebrow Out! Add a small tail of the "drop tail eyebrow" beautiful stay!相关的主题文章: