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Nothing to travel, it is likely that even friends can not do! [lead] Tourism – Sohu this may be the most China "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! – the past third seasons – [21, nothing else to travel, it is likely that even friends can not do! ] (this article was written in 2012, which described the situation in Philippines and now has nothing to do, thank you) mint (Bohol) is the name of the island of Philippines, there are a lot of city on the island, we go to the one called Tabera Lan boat from Cebu (Tagbilaran) city — if I had another three not reliable Companion to remember names so complex it is impossible to complete the task. Bohol Island is located in the southwest of Tagbilaran, "bestie" Jared once told me that the essence of Bohol Island attractions in a called Palau is connected with the Tagbilaran Island (Panglao). According to our actual situation, just spent three days in Boracay, and then go to the island is also no meaning. So I decided to go north from Tagbilaran, deep inside Bohol Island, go to another famous attractions — Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island and the unique small glasses monkey. Similarly, I also met online in advance of a local host, named Alex (Alex). I was ready to go on board, Alex sent a message saying that he is free tomorrow, can accompany us around. Boat from Cebu to Tagbilaran takes about 1.5 hours, Lulu was very ill, usually she has been on twitter have dizzy spells on me to sleep, and a small navy’s spirit, from time to time to run in the hallway, he did the Navy on board a ship just like a duck. Tagbilaran is quiet — not that sounds small, but tourists don’t come, not so impetuous, give a person a kind of quiet feeling, we walk to a small hotel, named GieGardens from the pier and I stay, is still a big meal and Lulu, a small navy. Not long, Alex to the hotel to find us, he is a big eyes, tall handsome guy, speak a little shy, cute smile, with online adjectives, "nature, natural adorable stay". We greet, ready to go out to dinner, the thought that all the way in the Hanlei Lulu who knows too lazy to go out, she looked up at the Alex eyes, suddenly decided to go out. "You go out with us because you want to eat, or because Alex?" When you go out, I could not help secretly ask lulu. "Of course it is……" Lulu rolls his eyes, "because alex! You’ve got a nice guy from the sofa!" You "……" "Yes, Alex is not GAY?" "No, they already have a fiancee, named Sara (Sarah), they are doing the sofa." "Oh? Unmarried wife.相关的主题文章: