Not All Electronic Cigarettes Are Safe!

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews There is quite a bit of speculation about the health and safety of electronic cigarettes. The FDA is trying to stop the wide spread sale of electronic cigarettes, health officials are warning people to be careful what they buy but what is the truth behind these worries? It is true that some electronic cigarette companies have falsely stated that their cigarettes are healthy and that they have NO chemicals in them when in fact theirs do. Several of these companies have had their electronic cigarette shipments to the U.S. seized and held, unable to make it to the market. But if youre dealing with a reputable, U.S. based electronic cigarette company like Green Smoke, you can rest assured the statements made, and claims asserted, are truthful. Just be careful about who you buy from, and what the product really is. A good quality electronic cigarette should have few ingredients; after all, nicotine is the purpose of the cigarette , and the only other ingredients needed are for vaporizing the nicotine, delivering it to your body, and producing a smoke-like vapor to give the appearance of regular smoking. It doesnt take much to do this so make sure there arent any unneeded elements in your cigarette. The only reason the FDA has jumped in is because the electronic cigarette industry is currently un-regulated, which makes them nervous. This is understandable, as we would all like to be kept safe but again, as long as you buy from a reputable electronic cigarette company (U.S. Based recommended), you will get an electronic cigarette that is a great healthy alternative to regular cigarettes. For more information on electronic cigarettes, their safety, and availability in the U.S., visit .electronic-cigarette-future.. 相关的主题文章: