Ningbo Zhongshan Park building Yixian new face of the middle of next month is free candy boy

Ningbo Zhongshan Park building a new face of Yixian free before the middle of next month (October 27th) afternoon, the Ningbo Zhongshan Park Yixian building, a group of people gathered in a newly erected stone before the interest to read the inscription "Yixian tablets" building reopened. With this stone is erected, silence for three years in the Yixian building, led by the Haishu article wide Bureau and other units of the "Ningbo celebrity culture museum" in the middle of next month is free and open to the public. Although the building is located in Yixian Gulou Street north of the People are hurrying to and fro., every day in front of the building party chat a lot of people, but few people can clearly tell its origin. Yixian building is a provincial cultural relic protection units. If you listen to your name, you know it has something to do with Mr. Sun Zhongshan. This two story wooden structure building as early as the original Fuxue Chinese Chang Ge after the original, Ningbo and Shaoxing Road station for general enlightenment, placed on the purchase of all kinds of books for people to read, and the creation of Chongshi college. Guangxu thirty-one years (1905) abolished imperial examination, Academy changed to Ningbo government education association. In August 22, 1916, Sun Zhongshan took part in the public feast of all walks of life in Ningbo, and took photos with people in front of the building. When it was built in 1927, it was used as the Ningbo municipal library. The old man remembers, "adult reading room", maybe that’s why. After the expansion of Zhongshan Park, in honor of Mr. Sun Zhongshan, the building was renamed the "Yixian building". Yixian building has been quiet for nearly three years. Two months ago, the building began to be in and out of the building. Often chatting in front of the old people are very curious to reopen the floor: letters? What should we do after reopening? The day before yesterday, the reporter walked into the Yixian building, see the inside of the decoration also. The design of a building roof to show ingenuity, fishing nets, paddle as the main element, highlighting the characteristics of Ningbo marine culture "". Reporters picked up the stairs and went up to the two floor. From the decorations, it was suitable to hold some small lectures or salons. For the 150th anniversary anniversary of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s birthday and Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s speech at Ningbo 100th anniversary, the theme of the first issue of the exhibition hall is "Sun Zhongshan and Ningbo"". Since then, the display content of the museum will be replaced every three months, and then there will be "Ningbo modern financial talent" show, "Ningbo music talent" show. It is understood that, because the exhibition hall is not large, open to the public will not be equipped with special instructors. While watching the exhibition, you can also listen to the pronunciation by scanning the two-dimensional code, and learn more about the content of the exhibition.

宁波中山公园逸仙楼展新貌 下月中旬免费开放   前天(10月27日)下午,宁波中山公园逸仙楼前,一群人围在一块刚刚竖起的石碑前,饶有兴致地读着上面的碑文《重开逸仙楼碑记》。随着这块石碑竖起,沉寂三年之久的逸仙楼里,由海曙区文广局等单位牵头的“甬上名人文化陈列馆”下月中旬免费向公众开放。   尽管逸仙楼就坐落在人来人往的鼓楼步行街北端,每天在楼前聚会闲聊的人很多,却很少有人能清楚说出它的来历。   逸仙楼是省级文保单位。光听名字,就知道它跟孙中山先生有些渊源。这座两层木质结构建筑最早为原府学中文昌阁原物,后宁绍道台为启迪大众,购置各类典籍置放于此供人阅览,并开设了崇实书院。光绪三十一年(1905年)废科举,书院改为宁波府教育会。   1916年8月22日,孙中山在后乐园参加宁波各界公宴,在楼前和在场人士合影留念。1927年建设中山公园时,用作宁波市立图书馆。老人所记得“大人阅览室”或许就是因此而来。中山公园扩建后,为纪念孙中山先生,此楼被更名为“逸仙楼”。   逸仙楼已经沉寂了快三年。两个月前,楼里开始有人进出、施工。经常在楼前闲聊的老人们都很好奇:逸仙楼要重开了吗?重开之后又要用来干什么呢?   前天,记者走进逸仙楼,看到里面还在装修。一楼屋顶的设计别具匠心,以渔网、船桨为主要元素,凸显了宁波“海洋文化”的特色。   记者又拾阶而上到了二楼,从摆设看,这里适合举行一些小型的讲座或者沙龙。   因为时逢孙中山先生诞辰150周年暨孙中山先生在甬发表演讲100周年,陈列馆第一期主题就定为“孙中山与宁波”。   此后,陈列馆的展示内容每三个月会进行一次更换,接下去还会有“宁波近现代金融人才”展示、“宁波音乐人才”展示等。   据了解,因为陈列馆规模不是很大,向公众开放后将不配备专门的讲解员。大家在看展的同时,还可以通过扫二维码听语音,了解到更多和展出有关的内容。相关的主题文章: