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Ningbo bank into the industry qualification Yan value to play in the listed banks, the quality of the fundamentals of the Bank of Ningbo is undoubtedly the representative of its access to a number of research institutions recommended rating, can be described as the industry’s value to play". This year, the Bank of Ningbo, adhering to the "prudent operation, steady development" business philosophy, focus on "hold the bottom line, professional management, to ensure that the profit three main line of work, reinforce the comprehensive risk management, continuing to enhance the professional management ability, business performance to maintain steady growth, the industry ranking or brand value are significantly improved. In the Bank of Ningbo 2016 annual three quarterly disclosure, the first three quarters of net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company 6 billion 343 million yuan, an increase of 19.22%, not only to hold the two digit profit growth, the growth rate over the same period last year the level of 16.06%. Before the British "banker" magazine published the "2016 Global Top 1000 banks list", the Bank of Ningbo ranked 177 globally in 2016 the world bank; the top 500 brands ", the Bank of Ningbo in the world bank 215th, brand rating of A+. At the same time, the Bank of Ningbo, adhere to the "risk control is to reduce the cost of" concept, and constantly improve the comprehensive, full, the whole process of risk management system in a complex economic environment has withstood the test, adverse rate has been lower than the industry average. Ningbo bank non-performing loan ratio for many years remained below 1%, as of the end of the three quarter of 2016, non-performing loan ratio was 0.91%, down by 0.01 percentage points over the beginning, and the end of the two quarter. In 2016, the Bank of Ningbo has completed the New Capital Accord project construction, has established the advanced risk management and capital measurement system, comprehensive integration of international leading practice, and strive to become the first city commercial bank in the implementation of the new capital accord.相关的主题文章: