New World Cup exposure scheme expansion to 48 teams losing 1 Games will be eliminated

The exposure of New World Cup: military expansion to 48 teams to lose 1 Games will be eliminated the possibility of Hussein Van Tino to promote the expansion of the world cup 2026 World Cup expansion looks more and more, FIFA chairman Hussein Van Tino said that the members of the military expansion program "positive response", and the specific program has been submitted to the relevant. Hussein Van Tino said earlier, the world cup are the two most important military programs were expanded to 40 teams and 48 teams, he is more inclined to the latter, the 48 teams in the world cup. The 40 team world cup has two options, one is divided into 10 groups, each group of 4 teams, 10 teams of the first and the 6 best scores of the second team to qualify for the knockout (16); two were divided into 8 groups, each group of 5 teams, 8 teams qualify for the top two 16 strong. And Hussein Van Tino’s preferred 48 team program is slightly complicated: first determine the 16 seeded teams, and the remaining 32 team knockout, 22 caught fighting the top 16 winner, and seed team group phase 32. This means that there will be 16 World Cup team after a game to go home, but Hussein Van Tino think this is not a problem. World Cup committee holds a positive attitude, "said Hussein Van Tino," but also need to discuss the details, whether it is 40 teams, divided into 8 groups of 5 teams or 10 groups of 4 teams, or the first 48 teams to play the qualifying, also need to decide." FIFA will be held in January next year, the Executive Committee, make a decision on the world cup expansion proposal. In addition, FIFA will also be strict review of the spending aspects, including members of the committee to sit first class, members of the family members to enjoy a trip on a daily basis to enjoy $500 subsidy, will be re evaluated.相关的主题文章: