New Touran L6 listed and Mid Autumn Festival will let promotion splitit

Let promotion will be what kind of car market caused widespread concern in the new Touran L6 listed and the Mid Autumn Festival? New fashion styling, spacious, flexible interior space, has become a hot focus? It is! Volkswagen modern big car – the new Touran L an excellent MPV models will certainly have a good space. However, L is such a new Touran in space and security have double excellent performance models.   new Touran L combination seat, let you want! 5-7? How many seats would you like to have?   the seat is different from other models fixed arrangement, L can provide a variety of new Touran combination seat, 2+3 five, 2+2+2 six and 2+3+2 seven changeable combination, easily meet the load demand, let her family travel time more warm. New Touran L6 listed and none other promotional gift will be the Mid Autumn Festival ceremony perfect in every respect: the top 28 punctual send customers to the shop sign ceramic cup 1.  : lucky gift: all the customers who participate in this activity can participate in the lottery. The interactive scene involved in the ceremony: guess lantern riddles, guess that was a gift. Sharing ceremony: live photos to share to WeChat circle of friends, with a screenshot of the value of 128 yuan can be obtained with a mobile phone support.   let ceremony: the day SAIC Volkswagen models enjoy preferential price.   car: the day before the 10 car customers can receive a value of 680 yuan in Wolfsburg Germany a genuine jersey.   the draw ceremony: all car customers can participate in the lottery winning 100% cars. Free gift: the free installation of unitoll. Mid Autumn Festival: the moon cake DIY area set up for the family for their own handmade moon cake to bring home.   special offer gift: 18 Taiwan special offer car special limited, first come first served. Five star Guangzhou Volkswagen dealers all the new Touran L vehicle sufficient Jing complete color rich new Touran L. Don’t you move? Heart is coming! Sales Hotline: 020-81414998 address: Guangzhou, Fangcun Longxi Avenue 286,  , ( );相关的主题文章: