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Arts-and-Entertainment It is no secret that Greyson Chance fans are always hungry for more information on the young singer. Greyson Chance took the music world by storm just a few years ago, and since then has only grown in popularity as more people be.e familiar with his music. Now, Greyson Chance fans have the opportunity to join in a forum that is dedicated to the young man and his music. The forum allows his followers to chat and discuss various issues with other people who enjoy his music. In terms of layout, the Greyson Chance forum is laid out very well and easy to navigate. The site is moderated, so flame wars and inappropriate material is kept off the site. As most Greyson Chance fans already know, he had done more with his music by the time he hit 14 than many other musicians do in decades. Greyson Chance has already had two smash tours throughout America, sang at the White House, and been on many national television shows. His debut album has been bought and enjoyed by people all over the world. Quite a history for someone so young, and it all started with a YouTube video of him singing for his classmates. This same video, which went viral in 2010, became the number 3 most popular video on YouTube. That, too, is saying something about how special his voice and music is to those who listen to him. The video has had well over 45 million hits and those who have not seen it yet would be doing themselves a favor by visiting the site. As for the new forum, Greyson Chance fans discuss just about anything and everything under the sun that is associated with the singer. Much of the discussion, formatted as "threads", is lively and entertaining, with much of it being very informative for those who want to know more about Greyson Chance, his history, music, and future plans. And, as mentioned above, the forum is moderated so inappropriate language is kept off. Even so, children should get parental permission before visiting or joining the forum. A recent look at the forum stats revealed it now has over 1500 members and has over 7000 posts, so finding something interesting to read or discuss will not be a problem for those who visit or join the site. It should be noted that while guests are allowed to read the discussions, they must actually join the forum in order to post their own threads or to reply to older threads. Joining only takes a few moments, however, and there is no charge for joining the site. One thing is certain, as Greyson Chance fans be.e more numerous, more people will find the forum and begin to enjoy its content as well as share their own thoughts and knowledge of the singer. To learn more about the Greyson Chance forum, just visit the site and browse through some of its content. If you like it, join. If not, no hard done. Information on how to join is located on the first page of the forum. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: