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New GL8 crown road trumpchi GS8 a week early car has come to know that although the "golden nine silver ten" tail, but the launch of major car brands in the next week the car still more, there will be as many as 8 new models listed and published, they are millions of new Buick, Geely imperial GL8, GAC trumpchi GS8, TOYOTA 86, BYD’s new F3, Volkswagen matwave 66 Anniversary Edition, Honda and Rolls-Royce (the crown of ginseng, pictures, Black Badge Edition inquiry). Here we go through a picture to understand the specific situation. This week the market and release of new cars is of concern with the new Buick GL8, Honda crown and GAC trumpchi GS8, these are the new models and new generation models. The user GL8 has a deep foundation of the Honda crown; as a new medium SUV, the final price is concerned; the highest level trumpchi GS8 in a certain extent on behalf of the GAC trumpchi SUV in the field of manufacturing, but also a breakthrough Chinese brand in the large SUV market segments the. In addition, the new TOYOTA 86, BYD F3 (Imperial millions, ginseng, pictures, inquiry and matwave) 66 Anniversary Edition although not new models, but also changes are more worthy of attention. As for the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Edition, I think most users can guess the price.相关的主题文章: